Advice for Selling House Online in Texas

Selling a house has never been a walk in the park. There are many processes involved that make it tricky for the seller, especially if you are trying to make a sale within a short time. 

To help ease the process, most home sellers evade the traditional ways of selling the house and looking for modern ways to sell the place online. Embracing this digital method of selling your house makes the process easier and saves you a lot of money and time. 

However, minor mistakes when selling your house online in Texas could cost you a fortune. For this reason, you need to brace yourself with all the right tips to help you make a sale you are proud of. 

Read on for advice on how to sell homes online in Texas.

Homeowner Selling a House Online in Texas

Selling a House Online in Texas 

According to statistics, 90% of homebuyers did their first home search online. A large number of these people end up buying the homes that they come across online. 

With this in mind, it is safe to say that you are better positioned to find a potential buyer faster when selling a house online in Texas than when using other methods. 

There are a bunch of benefits you enjoy if you sell your house online in Texas. Some of these advantages are:

  1. You Have a Wider Exposure to Your Target Market

One of the main challenges that you face when selling your house is landing a potential buyer. Luckily, this is not a significant issue of concern when selling your home online. 

Through the internet, you can expose your house to as many people as possible and land somebody to work with within a short time. However, you need to sell out your home well, as discussed later in this article, for you to land these potential clients.

  1. Great Platforms to Market the House On Sale

Selling online gives you a better chance to market the house on sale. You can use good photos, videos, and descriptions to convince potential buyers why they should make this their next home. These potential buyers can also use this platform to ask questions about the house, and you answer them, which is also a way of marketing the home.

  1. The Process is Faster

If you intend to sell my house fast in Arlington, consider online selling. When selling the place online, you evade some of the processes that take too much time. 

For instance, you can come across cash home buyers in Fort Worth, or we buy houses Texas companies, thus saving you a lot of time that you may spend signing documents or handling repairs.

Tips for Selling a House Online in Texas

If you are trying to sell your house online for the first time, the process may seem daunting and complicated. Additionally, any minor mistakes you could make when selling your house online could make you lose potential home buyers, not to mention fall into the hands of scammers. 

Thankfully, it is possible to have an uncomplicated and smooth process when selling your house online in Texas that leaves both you and the home buyer contented. Some of these tips for selling a house online in Texas are:

Take Amazing Pictures

As mentioned above, one of the advantages of selling your house online is that you can market the home on sale using pictures. However, remember that one photo is enough to say a thousand words about the house on sale. 

For this reason, you cannot afford to make any mistakes when taking and posting pictures. The goal is to take amazing photos that hook the buyer in your advertisement, lures them to learn more about the house, and eventually force them to get your contact information. 

To help you come up with such pictures, you need to:

  • Take time cleaning before taking the photos. Ensure that both the interior and exterior parts of the home on sale are in their cleanest state. Do this even if the buyer allows you to sell the house as-is
  • Get the right time to shoot. Certain spots look better when captured in specific weather or at a particular time of the day. Wait for this time when the house looks the best and shoot then.
  • Don’t count on editing. Take the perfect photo that will impress buyers even if you posted it without editing.
  • Get a professional. The pictures you take for your house create the first impression on potential buyers. Therefore, hiring a professional to help ensure that you get the best photos is a worthwhile price to pay.

Create A Virtual Tour of Your Home

A visual tour is a digital display of the home on sale for buyers. These virtual tours are also called 3D tours or walkthroughs and are among the most creative ways you can sell your house

The online home buyer can use this visual tour to determine the state of certain parts of the house since they can control the movement of the video. 

The video helps your home stand out among other sellers who do not have the same. Some of the reasons to create a visual tour of your home on sale include:

  • You attract out-of-town buyers who may not have a chance to visit the home before buying physically.
  • You minimize physical showings, which are time-consuming.
  • More exposure to your market
  • You evade people who may want to visit your home for showing even when they are not interested in buying.

List On Every Free Listing Site

Being online is not enough for you to sell your house online in Texas. Instead, you need to list your home on real estate listing sites

Some of these listing sites are free, while there are others that you pay for. To increase potential buyers, list the house on every free listing site. Among the free listing sites that you can use are:

  • Craigslist
  • Zillow
  • ForSaleByOwner
  • Fizber
  • Trulia
  • MLS
  • RE/MAX
  • Novato
  • Open listing

Each of these sites offers various features for you to advertise your house on sale. List on every free listing site to reach out to more potential buyers.

Use Social Media Advertising

Social media is one of the greatest tools that you can use when selling your house online. Since almost all of your target market is on social media, you can reach out to them here. 

For you to attract the interest of these potential buyers and lure them to getting your contact information, you need to:

  • Use videos for 3D tours and post them on social media sites.
  • Make use of Pinterest, where you post professional videos of the house on sale.
  • Use Facebook ads to help you increase your reach.
  • Take professional photos of the house and post them.
  • Always include your contact information.
  • Include essential details that a buyer wants to know about the house before buying, such as location, number of rooms, cost, and social amenities.
  • Share as often as possible, but take care not to overdo it.
  • Ask your real estate agent, friends, and relatives to post about the house on sale on their social media platforms.
  • Use social media advertising on as many platforms as possible and do not major only on one of them.
Local Social Media Influencer Recording A Video

Work with Local Social Influencers

Influencer marketing has been used in many industries and has proven super effective. These influencers can be even more effective if they are social influencers in Texas. 

Although landing on the right influencer and getting them to work with you can be tricky, they are worth the hassle of getting them. This is because:

  • They are an affordable method of marketing the house on sale.
  • They have higher engagement rates with potential buyers.
  • They have a higher target audience.
  • They are more accessible than non-local social influencers.

You can land local social influencers using either influencer search tools or using specific hashtags. After you get the influencers, vet them and work with local social influencers who are most effective in advertising a house.


Selling a house online in Texas is way easier and faster than selling using other traditional methods. With proper preparation and advertisement, you can get a buyer and complete the process within a few days. 

Use the information above to help you make the process of selling your house online in Texas a breeze.  

If you are still not confident about selling your house online in Texas, reach out to us, and we shall be helpful to the best of our ability. 

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