Thank you Neil. I appreciate the update and all that you’ve done, I really am glad that my wife and I decided to go with you on this and want to thank you for making this as easy as you have for me. 


About Four 19 Properties

At Four 19 Properties, our goal is to help local homeowners avoid foreclosure, deal with probate, or sell any house without any costs or fees. We buy houses in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and we do it fast!

Our company offers a variety of solutions to help homeowners with their unwanted houses. Not only do we buy homes directly, but we also work with the top agents and investors in the area. We’ll present you with a number of options so that you can make the decision that’s right for you!

four 19 property owners

Welcome to Four 19 Properties! My wife Shayla Dempsey and I own Four 19 Properties. We are a husband-wife team and have been buying real estate locally here since 2006. We have one son and another one on the way. Shayla and I are passionate about real estate and helping sellers. Working in real estate gives us flexible schedules and time to spend with our family.

Since 2006, we have seen every kind of issue in real estate and learned multiple options for an exit. We have bought inherited properties, pre-foreclosure properties, foreclosed properties, tax-delinquent properties, major rehab properties, and everything in between. Your situation may be unique, but we are ready for any challenge If we do a deal with you it must be a win-win situation!

Our company name is based on the bible verse Matthew 4:19 – Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

What Can We Do For You?

Get answers to all of your selling questions! Our team can help you to stop foreclosure, avoid repairs, or sell your inherited house. Reach out to us to find out how easy the process can be!

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Check out our FREE Guide to help you determine if a direct sale is the right choice for you! We’ll help you to take a closer look at the pros and cons, providing you with all of the information you need for a successful home sale.

To learn more about listing your Fort Worth house, selling it directly, and the investors we work with, reach out to us today! We’re dedicated to helping local homeowners out of any difficult situation they may be dealing with. (817) 754-1957