Tips And Advice for Selling a House As-Is in Arlington TX

Can I sell my house as-is? Sell my house fast in Dallas? That’s a loaded question because “as is” can mean different things. After all, it depends on how much work your house needs. It could need minor repairs or be a complete disaster. 

There are pros and cons to selling a home as-is. You should know what they are before you put your home on the market. Should you sell to a cash buyer, or should you enlist a real estate expert? Either way is acceptable.

Learn how to fix up your home to make it appealing to the buyer. Find out if making repairs is worth the expense compared to selling without them. Can you make the house attractive without repairs? Do you know how to sell to a cash buyer? 

This article will inform you of what to expect when selling a home as-is in Arlington, Texas,  and how to get the right cash offer for your property with ease. 

Selling Your House As Is in Arlington, TX

Selling Your House As Is in Arlington, TX 

An “as is” home needs fixing up but will not be spruced up before placing it on the market. The buyer accepts it in its current condition and often uses it as a flip home. 

Selling a fixer-upper house has its rewards. It saves time on repairs. You will not have to wait for contractors to complete renovations or home inspectors to evaluate before you sell it, and there is a higher chance of selling to a cash buyer. 

The cost of selling your home will be less due to not having to pay for any repairs. One downside is that you may receive fewer offers. If a potential buyer cannot get a loan, there are alternatives to ensure that you can move your home on. In particular, home flippers and real estate agents are often well versed in what needs to be done to secure a sale.

The real estate market in the Dallas area has seen investors who buy homes for a low profit and then sell high. They can save you money and heartache. Looking for companies that buy homes in Arlington? We can help!

Tips for Selling Your House As Is

Knowing the current market value will work in your favor. Is the market high or low? What are other homes selling for in your area? When it comes to selling, it pays to learn what other home buyers look for so that you can be equipped to exceed the competition.

What is the most popular type of upgrade? For example, if most homes had bathroom upgrades, maybe you should consider remodeling your bathroom before you sell. If your lender cannot supply the funds for repairs, selling your home as-is may be your only option. 

The Good Talking Points

Talk the home up by pointing out its strengths. Despite the negative aspects, there may be something positive that you can tell the buyer. Examples of good talking points include larger closet space, a covered patio, skylights or solar panels, a new roof, or lots of shade in the yard. 

Is your house in a safe neighborhood? Talk about the schools or nearby attractions. What else can you say about it that will impress potential buyers?

You could offer a copy of the home’s energy report so the buyer will see how cost-effective it may be. Has the yard been easy to maintain? What else will the buyer need to know that would expedite the sale? Even cash buyers need to know what to expect. 

Spring Cleaning Time 

It may sound redundant to clean a home you want to sell, but tidying up will increase the interest of potential buyers. Areas to focus on include: 

  • Air vents: clean behind and inside them
  • Lightswitch and outlet plates: Clean their surfaces
  • Windows and doors and their tracks, door frames, and window panes: remove grime and dirt and thoroughly clean windows to make them sparkle
  • Doorknobs and handles, door jams: remove smudges and finger-prints
  • Ceiling fans, light fixtures, and blinds: dust fan blades and blinds; wipe down light fixtures
  • Cabinets (inside and out) and appliances: clean shelves and replace lining if necessary
  • Tub, tile, and bathroom mirrors: remove mildew from the tile and grout; make the mirrors shine

You want to ensure your home looks good from the outside as well. Trim bushes, clear pathways, and mow the lawn. The entryway should welcome guests coming through the front door. Clean the entryway floor, or repaint the front door and walls if they need a touch-up.

Repairs – Minor or Major? 

Should you make any repairs to your home before you sell it? Speak with your realtor before you decide. If it needs only minor upgrades, such as fresh carpet or a small kitchen remodel, fixing it up may be worth the extra cost. 

Renovations, such as electrical, plumbing, or multiple projects, may not be worth the investment. Think about how they may compare to the market value of the home after repairs. 

Make as many repairs as you can to increase your home’s value. Most homebuyers will not want to hassle with major renovations on fixer-uppers. 

Redecorating Your House for Sale 

Put yourself in the position of the buyer. Think about what would make you want to buy your home. Redecorating your house for sale can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. 

You want to make it as appealing to the prospective buyer as possible. The retouch does not have to be large. Decluttering, removing obstacles, adding floral arrangements, shampooing carpets, polishing furniture, etc., can add a new perspective to the home. 

If you feel your home needs more, there are professional home stagers who can spruce it up for you. Most home stagers are professional interior designers. They can be a bit pricey, so if you don’t want to spend the extra money to hire someone, learn how to stage your home. 

Remove anything you think may devalue the home, such as worn-down furniture, old fixtures, or other belongings that may not look good to the buyer. Clean out closets and cabinets, wipe down shelves, organize dishes and clothing to look neat. 

Reduce clutter by removing items that you don’t immediately need. Store away photos, awards, trophies, and especially valuables that may disappear when potential buyers and contractors come into your home. 

Selling to a Cash Home Buyer

Selling to a Cash Home Buyer 

Looking for the best ways to sell your house fast? Use caution when selling your as-is home to a cash buyer. Most home flippers who pay cash can take advantage of those going through foreclosure or bankruptcy because they know the sellers are desperate to get rid of their homes. That said, there are plenty of benefits of selling to a cash home buyer.

Just be careful when a buyer inquires about what you owe on your mortgage. He or she will be more likely to offer that exact amount, which will leave you with just enough to close out the loan. 

As a seller of an “as is” home, you are susceptible to scams, so research the cash buyer before making a deal. Real estate investors receive their commission upon the sale of the house. Do not let the buyer trick you into paying any fees upfront. 

Selling “as is” does not have to be a negative experience. Explain to the buyer why you need to sell now. What kind of home do you need to sell? The buyer needs to know as much information as possible to make the selling process smooth. 

Once the cash buyer discusses your options and you agree, choose a closing date. The buyer will walk through your home and appraise it. More than likely, you will not have to worry about expensive repairs or closing costs. You can sell your home within 24 hours once you receive a cash offer. 

How to Get a Fair Cash Deal on Your TX Home

Some factors determine how much cash you can receive for your home. For example, the condition of your home and the cost of potential upgrades may affect how much you get. How long it will take to make repairs can play a role as well. 

What will the after-renovation value be on the home? How much will it cost to maintain utilities during repairs? What about commissions and closing costs? All of that will matter when a cash buyer considers an amount to offer. 

Before considering an offer, read over any contracts thoroughly and make sure you understand them. Compare all offers and seek advice from a realtor. Do not agree to pay anything upfront. Listen to your gut. If you have any reservations, do not accept the offer. 


Know the risks and benefits of selling your home as-is. Highlight the good points of the home. Clean it up and replace what you can to give it a new perspective without having to spend a lot of money. 

Focus on the parts of the home that are conspicuous, such as air vents and outlets, that potential buyers may check. Reduce clutter and organize areas neatly. Add flower arrangements or nice aromas to foster a pleasant first impression. 

What kind of repairs will be worth the expense and will give you a better profit? Take caution when you sell to a cash buyer to better ensure that you don’t lose out on a decent profit. Know what to watch for when negotiating a fair price. 

If you follow these tips, you will be sure to have a better experience selling your as-is home. For more information, contact us because we buy homes in Texas!

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