Property Taxes in Arlington

Property Taxes in Arlington (2022)

Arlington, Texas, is one of the major cities located within the Lone Star State. Positioned conveniently in the middle of Tarrant County, this city forms part of the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington metro areas.  Known for being home to the University of Texas at Arlington, River Legacy Park, River Legacy Living Science Center, and … Continued
Property Taxes in Watauga

Property Tax in Watauga (2022)

As part of its yearly budget process, the City of Watauga establishes a property tax rate. The current property tax rate for the City, which was established on 14, September 2020, has been $0.580404 per $100 value. The Watauga County Personal Property Tax funds infrastructure, local education systems, public transportation, and certain municipal government programs. Property tax revenue is usually … Continued
Capital Gains Tax in Houston

Capital Gains Tax on Home Sale in Houston

Property and single-family homes are a hot commodity in Houston, with homes selling for $450,000 or more. Despite being a seller’s market, an investment property can come with unexpected challenges. From closing costs and unexpected taxpayer liabilities, including capital gains taxes on a home sale in Houston, selling your property can be overwhelming.  In this … Continued
Facts About Dallas TX That Will Make Move

Facts About Dallas TX That Will Make Move

If someone asked you to name some of the largest or most popular cities in the United States, you’d think of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and Phoenix. But another city that probably comes to mind is Dallas.  Nestled in the second-largest state in the U.S., Dallas is known for many things. It’s … Continued
Best Things to Do in Watauga Texas

Best Things to Do in Watauga Texas

Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the United States. It’s so diverse and expansive that anyone could find what they’re looking for here. There are so many choices that it may be too overwhelming to choose just one city to settle down in.  While we can’t compare and contrast every city in Texas, … Continued
romantic things to do in Fort Worth

Romantic Things to Do in Fort Worth

So, you want to spice up your dating life, so you’re looking for date night ideas in Fort Worth that you haven’t done before. We get it. While dinner and a movie are a classic date night, they get old fast. There are only so many movies you can watch, and chances are you end … Continued
Capital gains tax in Texas

Capital Gains Tax on Home Sale in Dallas

If you’re selling your house in Texas, a common concern is that taxes may reduce the profit made on the selling price of your home. Texas does not have a state tax on income. This doesn’t mean that homes sold in Texas are tax-free because the federal capital gains tax can be costly.  Luckily, there … Continued
Facts about Fort Worth Texas

Facts About Fort Worth TX You Need To Know Before Your Move

Are you looking to make a move to Fort Worth, Texas, soon? You’re not alone. It’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. In 2021, more people moved to Dallas-Fort Worth than any other region in the US.  There are good reasons people are choosing the city of Fort Worth over other cities … Continued
Fort Worth Property Manager

Fort Worth Property Managers

Are you unable or tired of the hassle of managing rental property? Do you live far away from your rental real estate and worry about its supervision? Are you concerned about cleaning work and dealing with renters’ concerns? Or do you have problems tackling maintenance requests and other professional property care? Property owners who want … Continued
Facts You Need to Know About Houston Texas

Facts You Need to Know About Houston Texas

What do you look for when choosing where to live? A large city with great diversity? Low cost of living and no state income tax? Good people, good food, and a vibrant, energetic atmosphere? What about opportunities for both professional growth and outstanding recreation, and personal enjoyment? Houston, Texas, checks all these boxes and more. … Continued
Dallas property managers

Dallas Property Managers

Dallas is one of the most beautiful cities in Texas and the 9th most populous city in the USA. In Dallas, there are many neighborhoods with great-looking properties that deserve to be properly maintained, like Richardson or Irving. If you are a property owner with any realty in Dallas and are struggling to manage your … Continued
Free Things to Do in Dallas

Free Things to Do in Dallas

As many people know, the average cost of living in TX is relatively low. So you don’t need to spend a ton of money if you want to enjoy Dallas, Texas. Coming in from the Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) can be expensive enough, so let us help you save money! We buy houses Texas … Continued
Fort Worth Housing Market

Fort Worth Housing Market (2022)

Are you looking to buy a new place on the Fort Worth housing market? Or are you trying to sell a house located in Fort Worth, Texas? The Texas housing market has plenty of single-family homes with high and low home prices as well as middle-of-the-road house prices.  Are you looking for a median home … Continued
Dallas Texas Best Voted Neighborhoods

Dallas Texas Best Voted Neighborhoods

The wider Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex has witnessed a population increase in recent years and provides a variety of housing options, ranging from busy urban districts to exclusive gated estates.  Dallas’ lack of a state income tax is fast making it an enticing spot for young professionals wanting to save a little more of their wage … Continued
Housing Market Trends in Texas for 2021-2022

Housing Market Trends in Texas for 2021-2022

Are you looking to buy or sell a property in Texas soon? Have you been using sites like Zillow to research what the market is like around your home? If so, you’ll need to consider the most popular Texas housing market trends in 2022 and the prior year. For example, you’ll need to consider how … Continued
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