Fort Worth Neighborhoods

Fort Worth TX Neighborhood Map

Fort Worth, TX, is the place to be with its metropolitan feel, historic district, and cultural amenities. However, it can be challenging to know what neighborhood to choose when moving to any new location. There are many factors to consider, and much of this process depends on your priorities.

There are many facts about Fort Worth you need to know. The first factor to consider is typically safety. After that, you can consider other factors ranging from culture to food to shopping centers.

Moving to the “wrong” neighborhood – or rather, one that doesn’t fit well with you and your family – can create an unhappy living situation. So, choose carefully. 

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Fort Worth Neighborhoods

Fort Worth Neighborhoods

Fort Worth has many sought-after historical neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are relatively wealthy, suburban areas. Some of these include River Oaks, Tanglewood, Montgomery, DFW, Cowtown, and Bluebonnet. If you are looking for an excellent place to raise kids in Texas, there are a few options here in the city of Fort Worth. Arlington Heights is one of these suburban areas, right next to the cultural district. You’ll have the best of both worlds! 

Rivercrest is another excellent location for families in Fort Worth. It is quiet and beautiful, located right next to a river. Rivercrest is also close enough to downtown Fort Worth that you can venture there whenever needed. If you’re looking for good schools close to home, such as Austin, Texas Christian University, (TCU) Fairmount could also be your place. With easy access to an elementary school, middle school, high school, and park all located right in the neighborhood, it is perfect for kids.

Westcliff is an accessible neighborhood for families with varying budgets. House costs range from about $200,000 and go up into the millions. If your budget is on the higher end, though, check out Westover Hills. Technically its own town, Westover Hills, features large, beautiful houses and is within driving distance of many other Fort Worth amenities.

Crime in Fort Worth

Before bookmarking other amenities along the Fort Worth neighborhood map, crime rates are always an important statistic to be aware of. Crime in Fort Worth is at an index of 12, meaning it is safer than approximately 12 percent of U.S. cities. A Fort Worth resident has a 1 in 183 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime. Comparatively, a generic Texas resident has approximately a 1 in 222 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.

Like many cities, Fort Worth has neighborhoods that are safer than others. The neighborhoods listed previously are examples of safe areas on the Fort Worth neighborhood map. Western Hills Ridglea and Wedgwood are other notably safe, suburban neighborhoods in Fort Worth. So much of your experience in Fort Worth depends on the neighborhood you choose!

Quiet Neighborhoods in Fort Worth

The suburban neighborhoods of Fort Worth are generally quiet, safe places to raise a family. The neighborhoods listed previously are good examples of quiet neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas.

Other quiet parts of Fort Worth include Benbrook and North Richland Hills. Benbrook has a serene view of the Benbrook Lake waterfront and many green spaces surrounding homes. Downtown Fort Worth is a 20-minute drive from Benbrook. This extra distance also helps to provide a quieter atmosphere.

North Richland Hills is another location with plenty of peaceful green space. Space is the key to a quiet neighborhood. This area also boasts a low cost of living compared to other suburban neighborhoods in Fort Worth without sacrificing safety or aesthetics.

Good Coffee Shops in Fort Worth

Fort Worth has many good coffee shops for coffee lovers. Many of these coffee shops stand within just a few blocks of each other. One great go-to option is Ampersand. With a chic design, charming patio, and good coffee, Ampersand has everything you might desire in a coffee shop.

BREWED is another enticing Fort Worth coffee shop. They have a beautiful, spacious patio to occupy and drink coffee. And if you get hungry, take a look at their full food menu too. 

If you are looking for fresh, house-roasted coffee beans, stop by Ascension Coffee. They also have a delectable food menu and a patio with a lovely view of the Trinity River.

Check out Buon Giorno Coffeehouse and Roastery if you’re looking for a cultural experience with your coffee. They call themselves a “European cafe,” with plenty of Italian-inspired coffees. Buon Giorno is also known for their excellent espresso.

And for one final recommendation, Roots Coffeehouse is an excellent choice with plenty of seating areas and good coffee. 

Best Neighborhoods for Nightlife in Fort Worth

If nightlife is a priority for you, you’re in luck! Fort Worth has multiple nightlife areas throughout the city. Uptown is the best neighborhood in Fort Worth for nightlife if you’re looking to bar hop. It is a compact area centered on McKinney Avenue.

Lower Greenville is more of a hipster nightlife scene. This neighborhood has a variety of bars along Greenville Avenue, including rooftop bars, patio bars, and dive bars. 

Finally, Downtown Fort Worth boasts countless options of bars, lounges, pubs, and saloons for a good time. 

Best Neighborhoods for Nature Lovers in Fort Worth

Despite the city atmosphere, Fort Worth also has options for nature lovers. Check out the beautiful 120-acre Fort Worth Botanic Garden. It is located just a few minutes from downtown Fort Worth, right in the Fort Worth Cultural District. This neighborhood might be perfect for anyone who loves living in the heart of a city but also craves greenery. Fort Worth zoo is another great spot to check out. 

If you’re searching for hiking trails and the secluded feeling of nature, go to the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. They aim to preserve and protect natural areas within Fort Worth. With sprawling patches of land and even roaming bison, this nature center has plenty of beautiful sights. Another great option with plenty of green space and hiking trails for nature lovers is Eagle Mountain Park. 

Best Neighborhoods for Shopping in Fort Worth

Best Neighborhoods for Shopping in Fort Worth

Is retail therapy a must-have activity for you? Fort Worth has many shopping boutiques, malls, and other shopping opportunities to satisfy this habit. Head to Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth, a 35-block shopping district with plenty to do: see a show, get some food, and of course, go shopping! Sundance Square has beautiful brick-lined streets surrounded by every kind of shop and boutique you might desire.

Alternatively, check out the Stockyards if you are in the mood for a Western shopping experience. Here, you can find all kinds of Texas souvenirs and cowboy-themed merchandise. 

If you delight in luxury and high-end fashion, the Shops at Clearfork are the place for you. Clearfork is home to over 40 shops, many of which are mainstream luxury brands. You can also enjoy some food at one of their 16 dining options at this shopping mall.


Between nightlife, coffee shops, nature options, and cultural opportunities for sightseeing, Fort Worth has something for everyone. Each of the neighborhoods along the Fort Worth neighborhood map has different amenities.

This breakdown of recommendations should help you to choose the best neighborhood in Fort Worth for you and your family. Once you have selected a desired neighborhood on the Fort Worth neighborhood map, it’ll finally be time to find a home on the For Worth housing market 2022. Best of luck!

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