Creative Ways to Sell Your House in Texas

How do you sell a home? If you’re like most people, your answer probably includes the words “for as much money as possible.” However, there are times when homeowners need to go outside of the box and think creatively about how to sell their houses. This blog post will explore some creative ways to sell a Texas home with 7 strategies. From researching the market for your area all the way up to network with potential buyers, these tips can help generate more interest and show off what makes your property amazing!

Creative Ways to Sell Your Texas Home

7 Creative Ways to Sell Your Texas Home

There are many reasons that you may need to look for creative ways to sell your Texas home. For some homeowners, they’ve found a new job in a different area and need to move. For others, the property has outgrown their needs and is no longer practical. But, no matter why you’re looking to sell your house, there are many creative ways that you can do so. Below we’ll explore 7 creative ways to sell your Texas home. 

1. Research the Texas Property Market 

In order for people to know if your property is appealing, they’ll want to know what kind of buy-in it will require. The more expensive homes in an area will be more difficult than cheaper ones, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t sell just as fast!

The good news is the property market in Texas is doing well and has some of the hottest housing markets in 2021. However, prices vary depending on location, lot size, and more. So one day, you might see a home go for higher than expected, while the next day a home goes for less or not at all. While this can be frustrating for anyone looking to sell their house in Texas, it’s important to remember that it’s not always about price. It’s about what people are looking for and who they’re willing to work with.

Overall though, Texas home values have been on the rise. Currently, the typical property value of homes in Texas is $252,422 – which means Texas home values have gone up 16.6% over the past year.

Even the Dallas- Fort Worth-Arlington Metro market is doing well, and property values are sitting at ​​$313,393- which means home values have gone up 19.4% over the past year.

Needless to say, all signs indicate that now is a great time to consider selling your Texas home, given the state of the current real estate market. 

Of course, outliers would include the location, age, size, and condition of your home, which can affect the success of your home sale. However, this only means you may have to take creative measures to sell your home, which you’ll be able to find helpful suggestions here in this article. 

2. Find the Right Time to Sell Your House 

You may not be aware of it, but June is typically when homes start selling most quickly in Texas. This doesn’t mean that other times of the year are unsuccessful – there just needs to be a little more work put in to get the word out.

So besides June, when is the perfect time to sell a house? Well during the summer months, the Texas real estate market is usually busy with buyers looking to purchase a home. This summer buying frenzy is typically between the months of April-September. The market tends to slow down during the months of November-February.

For those who want to sell their house, it’s important that they research when it would be most advantageous for them and try different methods of getting buyers interested during this time instead of only relying on one approach. This will help ensure success!

3. Use Free Property Listing and Maximize Reach

Aside from using traditional methods like free classified listings or sticking a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard, you can use a number of other popular websites to find a buyer for your Texas home – Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin are just a few.

These sites allow even the average person to list their home on these services with a URL that can be shared. Your listing will also be visible on the map location. Besides the sites mentioned above, there are FSBO (for-sale-by-owner) websites where you can pay a nominal fee and have your home listed. 

Ultimately, selling a house online is a great way to find a buyer since many prospective buyers begin their search online for their next home. And the more people that can see your listing, the better the chances of finding a buyer. 

4. Use Videos

One of the best ways to show off your home is to use video walk-throughs. It allows potential buyers or renters to see the space on their own time, at their leisure, and then decide if they can imagine themselves living there. And creating a video walk-through of your house isn’t too complicated. You can easily upload your videos onto YouTube with a description of the property and how much you’re asking for the home. It also doesn’t have to be super long; you can make a short video that is about 30 seconds to give people a general idea of the home, and then if they’re interested, they can schedule in-person viewing. 

Another option that many people do instead is hire a professional videographer for their homes. But it can be difficult to know what you should look for in a videographer or how much they cost. So make sure to read reviews and check pricing before deciding on one to hire.

Although you may be able to make the video or take photos of your listing on your own, hiring a professional can prove to be helpful since they know how to capture homes, work with lighting, find the best angles and enhance the images. 

Having a listing video or photos on hand can also be great to share on social media. Videos and photos are some of the most popular ways that people find new information nowadays. 

5. Use Local Influencers to Share Your Content

Using local influencers to share your content is a great way to showcase your home sale and create interest! Influencers are people who have a large following on social media and are often willing to promote what’s going on in their communities. It would be advantageous for you to work with local influencers, as they’ll likely want to be a part of your campaign. This could lead to more online views, which may ultimately lead to more showings or attention from potential buyers.

So if you’re looking for a way to promote your house online, one option is to contact a local influencer. One example might be if you have a Facebook friend who regularly posts about real estate in your area. Another option would be to find people who are interested in the type of house you’re selling that may post about it on their blogs or social media accounts. You can also reach out to someone who has a large following with a home-related blog.

You may find someone who will do this for free; however, most influencers make their living by promoting things on their social media. So depending on the number of followers the influencer has, you could be looking at several hundred dollars or more for them to promote your home sale. 

6. Share Key Information About the Area

Sharing key information about the area of your home can help to sell your house in Texas. This is because potential buyers are able to feel a sense of belonging and ownership through learning new things about the neighborhood. Sharing information about the public schools, nearby parks, shopping centers, and more can also increase the chances of selling your house in Texas.

Let’s say the home has some outdated features. Maybe it needs some repairs and renovations. In cases like these, it can make sense to value your home based on the lot size or location. Or you’ll want to look into updating the home to attract buyers. 

It’s challenging for some homeowners to find extra funds to make repairs or update a home; for others, it’s hard to justify doing all that work and investing in a home you plan to turn around and sell. Unfortunately, most potential buyers aren’t looking for fixer-uppers and would rather purchase a move-in-ready home. So you’ll definitely want to weigh your options and consider ways to come up with the cash for renovations. 

Possible ways to generate enough cash to cover those repairs or renovations include selling some of your other holdings, borrowing against an equity line on another property, getting a second job, etc. If you don’t have any additional assets, then you might have to get creative about this. One idea is to sell to cash home buyers in Dallas.

An available option in this scenario is to sell your house for cash to a “We buy houses Texas” home buyer. This is a good option if you need a quick sale and can’t afford repairs or renovations on the property. Four 19 Properties, for example, will buy your house as-is. This means you don’t have to worry about providing an estimate of what it would cost to repair the home or renovate it yourself.

What’s more, companies that buy homes in Fort Worth work directly with you, so you won’t have to hire a listing agent or pay expensive realtor commissions. It’s a great option if you’re looking to sell your house quickly without the hassle and expense of a traditional home sale. 

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7. Network, Network, Network

Do not underestimate the power of networking. Networking can allow you to make connections with people looking to buy in your area that you would not have made otherwise. It can also help you expand your pool of potential buyers. So don’t be shy about asking for help from people with connections that could be beneficial to you.

Also, don’t forget to network with your neighbors and ask them to share your home sale. They may know of someone who is in the market for a new house in your neighborhood. 


There are many creative ways you can go about selling a Texas home. From researching what your area is looking for to networking with potential buyers, these tips can make all the difference in how quickly you’ll find a buyer willing to give you top dollar without any hassle at all.

However, if you came across this post because your house has been sitting on the market with little to no interest, or you’re looking for out-of-the-box ways to sell your house quickly, working with a local cash home buyer is a great solution!

Four 19 Properties can make you a cash offer for your house, no matter the condition, reason, or challenge. Contact them today to learn more about their easy home buying process and to discover why they’re considered one of the top home buyers in Texas. 

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