Sell Your House in Arlington TX

When to Sell Your House in Arlington TX: The Perfect Time to Sell!

Are you at the point of putting your home on the market but can’t quite seem to nail down the optimal time to sell? The real estate market is ever-changing, and depending on the economic climate, profitable selling periods can often fluctuate. Timing is everything, and listing your Arlington home during a buyer’s market will make it virtually impossible to sell it quickly or make a profit. 

Fortunately, you can follow some trends and guidelines that can help eliminate guesswork.

Sell Your House in Arlington TX

Certain regions and areas will provide trend reports that show what the real estate market has looked like in the past, the market as it currently stands, as well as a forecast of what the market will likely look like in the near future. In addition, there are some specific seasons and months that prove to be more profitable than others, not only specific to Arlington but also as a general rule of thumb for real estate in most areas.

Here, we’ll discuss these trends to help you better determine when to sell your house in Arlington, Texas.

The Arlington TX Real Estate Market

According to actual real estate transaction data, the best times to sell a home in Arlington, Texas, are during the summer months as well as during the early winter months, specifically November and December.

December is the overall most profitable month to sell, with the trends reporting sales of over 5 percent more than the yearly average. Since it typically takes around three months for a home to close its sale, listing your Arlington home in September would be ideal.

Comparatively, the worst month to sell is just around the corner, in January. This means that if you choose to list in September in hopes of closing in December, you could be at risk of a sale that’s far below the yearly average if it doesn’t close until January. For this reason, listing during the early summer months, like June, for example, might be a safer option even if the return is not as great.

Arlington Housing Market Trends

MonthPercent Above/Below Average

Best Season of the Year to Sell a House in Arlington

Often in real estate, we base the optimal selling periods by season. Going by this framework, spring is typically the best season to sell a house. This works for many individuals not only because of longer days and warm weather. It also makes it easier for families to get situated before the new school year begins.

However, it should be noted that during this peak period, there will be a lot of competition among buyers and sellers alike. Longer days during the spring and summer mean more exposure for your listing, leading to more offers. You may want to prepare with negotiating tips when selling your house during this period. 

It’s a good idea to ready the paperworks needed to sell a house and put your listing on the market at the start of spring in April or May. This will give homebuyers sufficient time to get their credit checks and other financial aspects in order for mortgage pre-approval. By mid-summer, you should be able to close a sale at a substantial offer.

Worst Season of the Year to Sell a House in Arlington

If spring and summer are the most desirable months to sell a house in Arlington, the fall and winter months are the least. The decline in seller premiums typically begins in September as most families will have likely settled into a new home and are ready to commence the new school year.

Downtimes in real estate typically occur from September to February, with the exception of December, as seen in the earlier data. With fall also comes the start of the holiday season, which leaves most individuals too busy and too financially restrained from holiday preparations.

The cold weather and shorter days in some regions could also be a deterrent for homebuyers. This may not be a big issue here in Texas, which could indicate why December sees a spike in the selling price. While all places experience some seasonal influence, this isn’t always a determining factor for regions in the South and West, where temperatures are much more moderate.

Best Times of the Year to Sell Houses in Arlington

Aside from seasonality, there are other factors that sellers should consider when putting a house on the market. Specific days, the economy, or simply the real estate’s fluctuating demand could all impact when it’s a good time to sell.

Data has determined the best week to sell a home from March 31st to April 6th of any given year. This week often results in the most listing views and the highest profits. As this is right at the start of spring, competition is also generally quite low during this week. If you’re looking for cash home buyers in Dallas or Arlington, this may be a great opportunity.

Some data also shows that Thursdays tend to be the best day of the week to list a home. Homes listed on Thursdays tend to sell for an average of over 3K more, although the reason for this is unknown. In addition, ATTOM Data suggests that selling on either May 24th, June 20th, June 21st, or June 28th will all offer price premiums of over ten percent.

Because the real estate market or our country’s economy can go through unpredictable changes, market conditions are particularly important to consider no matter what time of year it is. If you notice that lots of buyers are searching for homes, that homes are selling relatively quickly, or that home prices are on the rise, these are all signs that it’s a suitable time to sell.

Worst Times of the Year to Sell Houses in Arlington

When it comes to the times you might want to avoid listing a home, the same factors we just mentioned come into play.

According to data, while Thursday showed to be the most profitable listing day, Mondays proved to be the worst. Homes sold on Mondays, as well as on the weekends, showed to have much more lengthy selling and closing times and with much lower premiums.

In terms of market conditions, signs that you shouldn’t be listing your home include sparse buyers and properties for sale, as well as listed homes currently taking a while to sell and close.

Best Month of the Year to Sell Houses in Arlington

When determining the best month of the year to sell a home, we would first want to determine exactly what “best” means. In the data collected and outlined earlier, you saw a chart that showed the market trends of specifically Arlington homes based on the sales prices. From this data, we saw that December, as well as the summer months, were the best months to sell.

Best Time to Sell Your Houses in Arlington

However, another metric to determine which months of the year are most desirable includes the best months where houses sell quickly. If the need to sell your Arlington home fast is more important than a high selling price, the best time to close the sale would be in the summer months, specifically by the end of August.

The chart below shows the number of days above and below-average most houses stay on the market each month for any given year. Note that the lower the averages, the faster the selling time.

MonthAbove/Below Average Days on the Market
January17.72 days
February13.52 days
March7.64 days
April-1.07 days
May-5.65 days
June-7.46 days
July-7.34 days
August-7.92 days
September-5.84 days
October1.21 days
November4.02 days
December8.64 days

Worst Month of the Year to Sell Houses in Arlington

Based on our earlier data, we saw the worst month of the year to sell a house in Arlington was very clearly January, just one month after the peak time in December.

Similarly, it comes to selling your home with little time to spare, the worst month of the year to sell is also in January, with over 17 days above average sitting on the market. This data should be enough to deter you from listing your home during this time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, selling your Arlington home will depend on many different factors. There is data specific to this area as well as general data that concludes that the winter months are not an ideal time to sell, with the exception of December. Be aware that aiming to sell by December can pose some risks as selling in January is the least desirable across the board.

If you’re still unsure what the real estate market conditions look like in Arlington, a local real estate company can provide you with more assistance. We buy houses in Arlington and can help you get the best cash deal possible. If you’re interested in more information, don’t hesitate to reach out: Sell my house fast in Texas!

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