How To Sell A House As-Is In Arlington

Surprisingly there is a lot that goes into listing and selling a home. And if you’re selling a house that needs work unless you have the available time, money, and energy, it may be a better idea to sell your home as-is. Didn’t realize selling a house as-is was one of your selling options? Well, actually, it is and can be really helpful if you need to sell a flooded home in Texas, have foundation problems, or inherited a property you’d just prefer not to do any work to. Below, we’ll cover the steps to selling your house as-is in Arlington so that you can quickly move without having to do any repairs.  

Sell A House As-Is In Arlington

Arlington Housing Market Overview

When selling a house as-is in Texas, it’s important to take a look at what’s going on with the Arlington real estate market. But more importantly, what the average house prices are in Arlington. This will give you a good idea of what houses are going for in your area and how much people are getting per square foot. The best way to figure out the average price is to look at houses that have recently sold in your neighborhood that are similar in square footage and lot size, then do some simple math to calculate the average price. 

The next thing you’ll need to do is figure out the average price of repairs in Arlington. Since you won’t need to make any repairs before selling your house as-is, you’ll still need to be aware of the next homeowner’s financial obligation. If you’re like most sellers, you may be asking the question do you lose money selling a house as-is? Yes and no. Since you’re selling your home in its current condition, buyers know repairs and renovations aren’t a part of the deal. But that also means since they’re taking on that financial burden, they’ll want the price to reflect repair costs. For example, if you were to put an offer on a house that needs a new roof, you wouldn’t want to offer the full asking price for the home because you’ll have to pay for a new roof. So you would either ask the buyer to pay for the new roof or offer less to make up the difference. Since you’re in a similar situation, instead of offering to pay for repairs, you’ll just price your house to reflect renovation costs. 

If you’re still struggling to determine the average as-is house price is in Arlington, you can always get an appraisal done on your home. An appraisal will determine the value of your property, taking into account any major repairs and the Arlington real estate market. Once you get your appraisal, you’ll have a better idea of what to list your house for. A big part of selling a home is pricing it just right, and since you’ll need to find a buyer willing to take on these extra expenses, this will be really important.  

Tips for Selling a House As Is

Ok, so you got the perfect listing price in mind, now what? Well, this should be the easy part since you’re selling a house as-is, you should be able to find a buyer and walk away, but it’s actually not that easy. That is unless you work with a “We buy homes Arlington” company which will be covered more later. Although you’re technically selling your house as-is, there are still a few things you need to do to sell your home. Below are some tips for selling a house as-is you’ll want to consider. 

 1. Make Minor Repairs

Even though you’re selling your house as-is, making a few minor repairs wouldn’t hurt. Think about it this way, if you tighten a leaky faucet, touch up some paint, or replace rotten wood, these are all items the buyer won’t have to worry about. Having fewer minor repairs for a new homeowner to deal with may make your house sell faster. But, since you are technically selling your home in its current condition, you are under no obligation to make any minor repairs. That said, minor repairs can add up, so if you were to take a few off the to-do list, who’s to say that wouldn’t increase your chances of finding a buyer?

2. Consider Major Repairs

If your home has some maintenance you’ve been putting off, or one small issue like a leaky roof turned into a bigger one, the number of repairs can add up and fast.  And this is why selling as-is is an attractive option. But if you were to consider making a major repair, it could increase your chances of selling.  Honestly, selling a house as is in Arlington is possible, however, the pool of potential buyers looking for a place that needs work will likely be small. You’ll probably need to sell to a house flipper or a property developer. But if you were to do a few major repairs, you would probably find more buyers interested in your listing. The important thing to remember is that you should only consider this option if you have the extra money to make a major repair and you have the time. If you just don’t have room in the budget to make an expensive repair or you need to sell right away to avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy, because you’re going through a divorce, or just need to relocate for a new job, it wouldn’t be a good idea. Major repairs can cost thousands of dollars and take several weeks or worse months to complete, with no guarantee your house will sell faster or for more money. If you just don’t have the extra time and money, sell as-is, it’s ok to walk away and be done. 

3. Figure Out The Best Time To Sell Your House As-Is

Timing the sale of your house is another important part of selling your home as-is in Arlington. At certain times of the year, more buyers are shopping for a new house, while in other parts of the year, buyers are harder to come by. So when is the best time to sell a home? Usually, late spring and early summer are good times to list and sell a house in Arlington, TX. More people are getting out and about, kids are about to get out of school, and moving during summer break is more manageable. The slower times of year tend to be the winter season, with January being the worst month to sell a house in Arlington. That said, if you do happen to list and try to sell during the winter months, buyers may be more serious, and the amount of competition is less. 

4. Highlight Interesting Things About Your House/Area

Since you’re selling your house as-is, you’ll want prospective buyers to look past all the repairs and take an interest in the best parts of your home. It may be hard to see the potential when the roof needs to be replaced, but if you mentioned what great neighborhood your house is located in, it could be a major selling point. Whether you hire a top agent in your area or sell by yourself, make sure to highlight interesting things about your house or the neighborhood. If you have a screened-in porch,  the house is on a quiet street, if you have solid hardwood floors, make sure to mention those things or have your realtor point those out. 

5. Incentivize Potential Home Buyers

Selling a house as-is in Arlington, TX, may be a hard sell. To increase your chances without sinking any more money into your house by making costly repairs consider adding some incentives to the deal. For example, if a buyer shows interest in an item in your home like a rug or patio furniture, that you don’t plan on keeping when you move. Maybe you could offer it as a part of the deal. Sometimes sellers offer to pay buyers closing costs or offer to make the first month’s HOA payment. There are plenty of ideas to come up with something to incentivize a potential buyer. 

6. Work with Cash Home Buyers

Another alternative to selling your house with a realtor or for sale by owner (FSBO) is to sell to a cash home buyer. Cash home buyers are local investors that purchase houses in as-is condition and don’t require any repairs or renovations to be made before closing. Cleaning isn’t even necessary, and they can even handle the clean-up of a hoarder house too.

Because you’re selling your house as-is, you’ll want to save as much money as you can. If you were to hire an agent or sell by owner, you run the risk of paying expensive realtor commissions, costing several thousand dollars. On top of that, you’ll need to cover closing costs and taxes too.  Selling by owner does cut down on some of those expenses, but not by much if your buyer uses an agent. This is where selling to a cash home buyer would be beneficial. Four19 Properties is a local cash home buyer in Arlington that doesn’t charge realtor commissions or service fees (typically seen when selling to an iBuyer). Closing costs are even negotiable. 

Work with Cash Home Buyers

Furthermore, their home buying process is very simple. All you need to do is contact them, share some information about your property that you’re selling as-is, and within 24-hours, you receive a no-obligation cash offer. After you accept the offer, you choose a closing date, pack, and move out. 

If you’ve ever sold a house, you know the headache of waiting months for an offer to come in and then dealing with buyer contingencies. Up until closing day, you’re waiting on pins and needles for the house to sell officially. When you sell to Four19 Properties, you avoid the hassle and uncertainty of the selling process. 

How to Get a Fair Cash Deal on Your As-Is Home Sale

Curious how to get a fair cash deal on your as-is home sale? It’s pretty easy. Contact Four19 Properties either by phone or by filling out a simple form online. Next, a team member will contact you and learn more about the house you’re trying to sell as-is, what repairs need to be made, and your selling time frame. The good news for you is that Four19 Properties can close in as little as 7-days or longer if need be. Which is great if you’re saying, “I need to sell my house fast, Texas.” After that, they’ll make you a fair cash offer for your home and leave the choice up to you. 

Final Thoughts

Whether your house is in great condition or is in desperate need of some work, selling a home, in general, is a tricky business. Sometimes there is no explanation for why your house isn’t selling on the MLS. Sometimes it comes down to the time of year or price. But since you’ll be selling your home as-is, you’ll be facing a completely different set of challenges. The good news is selling a house as-is is possible. It will just take a unique buyer willing to take on the repairs and expenses. However, it’s good to know that buyers are specifically looking for houses in as-is condition like Four 19 Properties.

 Feel free to contact them today to find out how you can sell your home as-is in Arlington.

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