Sell a Condemned House in TX

Did you inherit a condemned house in the state of Texas? Or are you looking to sell your own condemned house? It may seem like a huge undertaking to sell a condemned house in Texas, and you may think that you’ll never be able to find any home buyers. However, it is possible to sell a condemned property.

You’ll need to follow specific laws, and you may need to make repairs or potentially find a cash home buyer. But you can sell a condemned house fast in the state of Texas. There are cash home buyers and real estate investors who will buy my house in Fort Worth, even if it’s at risk of being condemned.

In this guide, we will detail all of the steps you can take to sell a condemned home in Texas. Keep reading to learn all about it!

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Can You Sell a Condemned House in Texas?

There are two main ways you can sell a condemned property. First, you can complete all of the significant repairs and renovations the home needs. You’ll need to make sure the property meets building codes and requirements. 

Local government authorities may need to inspect the property to make sure it is ready for habitation. When the inspectors approve the home, you can put it on the market and start attracting potential home buyers. In this case, you can work with a real estate agent. 

Yet, this process may be somewhat of a hassle. As such, there is a more straightforward way to sell a condemned home. You may sell the property in its as-is condition without completing any necessary repairs. In this state, you can sell to a cash home buyer or real estate investor. There are plenty of house flippers who would be willing to finish all repairs. 

These are the two ways you can sell a condemned home. You’ll also benefit from learning about condemned house selling laws.

Condemned House Selling Laws in Texas

In Texas, there are specific laws regarding eminent domain and condemnation. Eminent domain refers to the power of the state to take private homes or buildings for public use as long as the government offers fair compensation to the owner of the property.

On the other hand, condemnation is when the private property owner transfers the title to the condemning party or government agency. Texas courts are responsible for deciding whether a property will go through eminent domain, and judges focus on the facts of each case before making a final decision. 

Most importantly, the two parties need to agree on just compensation, or a neutral third party needs to decide the compensation for eminent domain to take hold. If you want to avoid the local government from taking your property through eminent domain, you will need to prove that the proposal doesn’t meet the requisites of public purpose or necessity.

In addition, you – as the homeowner – have specific rights. For instance, you can hire an appraiser to decide the property value and hire an attorney to negotiate with the condemning party. Before the government can condemn your property, you also have the chance to have a hearing before a court-appointed panel.

Options for Selling a Condemned House

There are multiple options you can take to sell a condemned house. First, you can conduct major repairs and rehabilitate the property with the help of a contractor, or you can even complete necessary maintenance by yourself. Usually, you can think of a condemned house as a fixer-upper. Then you can sell the home with the help of a real estate agent.

Yet, you can also sell your condemned home in its “as-is” condition. You can do so by selling it to a house flipper. House flippers tend to be great at fixing up a home quickly and re-selling it to home buyers at a greater profit. 

Furthermore, you can sell to a cash home buyer who can provide you with a fair cash offer. You can find cash home buyers in Texas who will buy your property in its poor condition. You can even sell a house with foundation damage

Or you can even partner with a real estate investor who can put in the money needed to complete all major repairs. With the right funding, you can even remove black mold, an infestation, and any code violations. 

Below, we delve further into the options you have for selling a condemned home.

Sell Your Condemned House As-Is

When a property has been condemned, the owner has not taken the time already given to repair their home. Local government entities usually provide plenty of time and multiple notices to the homeowner. This way, the owners can fix the property before government authorities declare it condemned.

Homeowners can also receive extensions to repair the property and avoid it becoming condemned. Eventually, very little time is left before a house will be condemned. Sometimes the only choice a homeowner has is selling the house as-is.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need to quickly sell your house as-is to get the value it deserves. Regardless of how bad the condition of your home is, you can still sell it in its current state to a house flipper, real estate investor, or a cash home buyer. This way, you can avoid the hassle of making significant repairs. 

Make Major Repairs to Add Value to Your Home

If you want to sell your home for a bigger profit, you’ll need to renovate. Instead of selling to a real estate investor, you can work on repairing the property. Sometimes, a home may have become condemned due to missing only one or two major repairs.

Although this may require a significant investment, the result can be a higher selling price. Consider your budget and your options before starting any renovations. 

For example, you can renovate the kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms while minimizing any structural damage. Be sure to upgrade appliances if the original ones are ancient. 

If your home is on the brink of condemnation, then local authorities who see you making repairs are more likely to give you an extension.

Furthermore, if you have the funds and ability to make the major repairs either by yourself or with a team of contractors, then you can do so and reap the reward by selling the place for a higher profit.

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Sell to a Cash Home Buyer

However, not everyone has the capacity to make such renovations. If that’s you, don’t worry! There are other options. 

If you want – or need – to sell your house in its “as-is” condition, then the best option is to sell to a cash home buyer, such as a real estate investor. Cash home buyers have the money on hand and can move quickly with the sale before a government entity takes over ownership of the home.

It’s best to find a cash home buyer who knows about purchasing condemned houses. Real estate investors are usually your best bet. They’re able to examine each case and quickly buy your property without delaying the transaction.

Real estate investors are usually knowledgeable about building codes and the general process of condemnation. They understand the legalities of purchasing condemned properties and know how to make them inhabitable once again. Of course, these investors need to prove to local authorities that they can repair the property. 

Furthermore, cash home buyers are a great choice because neither party needs to wait on a lender to go through credit scores and background checks. 

For example, companies that buy houses in Arlington can do so through a cash offer without the need for a lender.

Always Document Any Big Repairs You Have Made

It’s imperative for you to document all extensive repairs you have completed on a property at risk of condemnation. The local government authorities will need to see what you’ve done and prove that the home is habitable once again. 

Keep track of all receipts and reports of the repairs you’ve made. Ask your contractor for copies of all documentation from home renovations. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from having photographs displaying the changes as well.

Take photos of all new appliances, wall repairs, floor and lighting installations, roofing renovations, and any other upgrades. Ensure to provide all of the documentation to the local government entities in charge of the property condemnation process.

If you show this documentation, they may be able to extend their timeline for condemning your property and give you a chance to save the home from being condemned. They may even remove some fees they’ve already put on your property due to its status.

Remember to always document any of the extensive repairs you’ve made to your home. You never know when you’ll need proof of the renovations.


After reading this guide, you should know exactly how to sell a condemned home in the state of Texas. You can either do all the major repairs with a contractor before selling the property or avoid the hassle and sell directly to a cash home buyer.

Before you know it, you’ll have the money in hand and put these real estate problems behind you. 

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