Romantic Things to Do in Dallas

Are you looking for something special to do with your partner in Dallas? Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or simply looking for romantic things to do during the holiday season, these outstanding activities will make your time together exceptionally unforgettable.

couple having a romantic walk in a famous neighborhood in Dallas

Romantic Walks in Dallas

Going on a stroll with your lover can allow you to enjoy some romantic alone time together. Here are some romantic walks that you can incorporate in your fun date ideas in Dallas-Fort-Worth (DFW).

1. Take Photographs
Take turns photographing locations and surroundings that you find aesthetically intriguing, gorgeous, or entertaining, as well as photos of you and your lover at Fair Park. You can also check out other romantic places in downtown Dallas such as the Opera House, Wolfgang Puck, and Frisco.

2. Go Stargazing
Take a walk on a clear night when the stars are visible. Point out and share constellations that you recognize. You might also want to carry a star chart and spend some time on your stroll gazing at the constellations depicted on the chart while sitting on a park bench.

3. Picnic Lunch

Take a stroll in a metropolitan park or along a hiking route in the mountains, bringing a picnic lunch of your favorite dishes with you. Take a pause in the middle of your stroll to sit down and have a romantic lunch together. While you’re eating, you can talk about the sights you saw on your stroll or discuss your future goals.

4. History Tour Walk
Even if you were born and raised in Texas, you may be shocked at how little you know about its history. Schedule a historic walking tour through the city’s tourist center and spend the day wandering around historical places on a guided tour. 

Romantic Restaurants in Dallas

1. Parigi
If you’re a foodie, French restaurants always have an advantage over other places, and Parigi is no exception. The tiny cafe changes its menu twice a month, with an emphasis on seasonality and local sourcing to create superb meals that thrill with their presentation and excellent tastes. To replicate a Parisian sidewalk café feel in the center of Dallas, request a small two-top in the dining room or out front.

2. Dragonfly

Dragonfly, located inside Hotel ZaZa, is an uptown favorite known for its distinct great dining-meets-unbridled whimsical approach. Two-tops are scattered around the dining area and poolside patio, but if you want to show off, choose the private room. The glass wall allows everyone to see what you’re eating, whether it’s Sesame-crusted Ahi Tuna or a USDA Prime Filet. If you’re feeling lucky, book one of the intricately designed Magnificent Seven suites for the night to elevate the entire experience.

3. Encina
This friendly place on the outskirts of the Bishop Arts District has a coolness quotient that matches more classic romantic settings for a casual date night where you can easily get lost in discussion (not to mention luscious Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie). Request a table in the main dining room or on the covered terrace and let the rest of the world slip away.

4. Dakota’s
Meredith McEneny’s decision to reopen the legendary subterranean restaurant came as a great surprise after it seemed to have closed for good during the height of the epidemic in 2020. Cuddle up at a corner table and gently savor a buffet of fine seafood, chops, and prime meats, accompanied by a beautiful bottle of wine. 

5. Âme
Pleasant fragrances, candles, and white tablecloths set the tone for a date with an international flair. Traditional Indian cuisine meets French techniques for an unforgettable evening of gastronomic adventure and refinement. Chicken, seafood, lamb, and vegetarian alternatives make it simple to assemble your own taste sample suitable for feeding each other over laughs and a few glasses of wine.

Picturesque Places in Dallas

1. Nasher Sculpture Garden

Make the most of your lunch break by visiting this hidden garden in the heart of the Dallas Arts District. While the Nasher Sculpture Center is not new, it appears that few people are aware of the relaxing qualities of the wonderfully manicured sanctuary and its reflecting pool.

2. The Eye at the Joule

This unusual artwork, created in 2007 by Tony Tasset, catches a lot of attention. What began as a temporary installation in Chicago has found a permanent home in a garden outside of The Joule hotel. Tasset’s eyes are reflected in this realistic eyeball sculpture, which has crimson veins and a blue iris. The greatest area to enjoy an uninterrupted view is from the hotel’s terrace, but you must be a hotel guest to do so.

3. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, named for a philanthropist and heiress, crosses the Trinity River and links downtown to West Dallas. The bridge was finished in 2012 to help with the city’s urban regeneration initiatives. It is one of three bridges that connect the city to the suburbs of Dallas. Its magnificent building gives an excellent backdrop for a photograph of the Dallas skyline. Explore the river to find this 400-foot-tall bridge and its twisting cables.

4. Reunion Tower

Views of a city from above are unrivaled, as they are in many other places. The 561-foot-tall Reunion Tower is one of Dallas’ most iconic structures. The massive green sphere atop the tower is a prominent component of the metropolitan skyline. The tower was built in 1978 as part of the Hyatt Regency hotel. Head up to the GeO-Platform observation deck for panoramic perspectives on the city from 470 feet in the air.

5. Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art opened in 1903 and now houses over 24,000 paintings from all around the world. The collections span more than 5,000 years and are organized geographically. Discover numerous types of modern and contemporary art from the USA, as well as art from Africa, South Asia, and ancient America. The museum also hosts innovative exhibitions.

older couple doing romantic things in Dallas

Romantic Things to Do in Dallas

1. Get a Massage at the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas’ Spa
When’s the last time you and your significant other were both pampered with a spa treatment? With its premium tandem massage for couples, the spa can certainly set the mood for romance.

2. Enjoy Wine Tasting Excursions
Texas isn’t currently known for its wine, but that might be changing. Lone Star State wineries are producing unique, tasty wines from Fredericksburg to Lubbock, and Dallas offers numerous interesting wine tasting spots. Try a wine tour at The Art of Wine or a taste at Times Ten Cellars.

3. Walk Through Klyde Warren Park at Night

Take a walk in Klyde Warren Park with your significant other. It’s a lovely spot for introspection and relaxation, with the added pleasure of having the downtown skyline as a backdrop.

4. Shoals Sound and Service
Shoals Sound and Service set the stage for a memorable date night with its romantic ambiance and highly popular drinks. It’s a terrific spot to enjoy unique Dallas drinks, tacos, and empanadas at the city’s much-loved Latin American restaurant and cocktail club.

5. Watch a Movie At the Rooftop Cinema Club
You can watch a romantic movie here while admiring a starlit evening or beautiful sunset. It includes movie-theater seating and serves superb meals while overlooking the metropolitan skyline.

6. Go to Southfork Ranch
Southfork Ranch is a popular site for Dallas visitors. Take a trip to view several of the attractions from the TV show’s lovely, imaginary Ewing Mansion. It also provides a look into the opulent lifestyle depicted in the program, as well as actual props, costumes, and artifacts from Dallas.

7. Embark on a Gondola Ride
A romantic gondola ride doesn’t require a trip to Venice, Italy. A short trip to Irving for a romantic gondola ride, one of the city’s lesser-known activities, makes for a unique date night idea. Gondola Adventures provides a romantic cruise through Lake Carolyn and Mandalay Canal.

8. Check out South Dallas Cultural Center
The South Dallas Cultural Center features a range of events that commemorate the African contribution to international culture, including two visual art galleries with interesting and thought-provoking exhibitions.

9. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden
With its beautiful flowers, seasonal exhibits, and peaceful environment, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is an ideal location for a romantic picnic. After a stroll through the gardens, grab your picnic basket and cooler and enjoy the relaxing scenery of nearby White Rock Lake.

10. The Reunion Tower
Book a date night package at The Reunion Tower for romantic, nighttime views of Dallas. The all-inclusive couples’ package includes two admission tickets to the VIP elevator service, the Geo-Deck, a silver portrait frame, and two glasses of sparkling wine.


Whether you’re on your honeymoon or just enjoying a weekend away together, Dallas boasts numerous options for memorable moments. Beautiful hiking paths, ice skating, live music, romantic getaways, sightseeing, dance lessons, kayaks, and waterfalls are among the exciting activities.

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