These House Renovations Will Increase The Value of Your Home

A young homeowner making renovations to her house to increase its value

When preparing a home to be put on the market, homeowners must consider their home equity. Thinking about that may encourage them to engage in some home renovations to improve the value of the home. 

While there certainly is almost no harm in selling a house as is, there are a few ways to make more money off the home if a homeowner isn’t afraid and can invest a little first.

Following a value report, during which the home is inspected and assigned a value, homeowners may consider doing some remodeling projects. 

These renovations will depend entirely on the home itself, but the following renovations, recommended by the National Association, have been known to significantly improve a home’s return.

Cash home buyers in Houston will also pay attention to this checklist to reap the benefits of purchasing and fixing a home without a mortgage. 

So whether you’re looking to be a cash home buyer or simply selling your home, everyone can receive a return on investment by pursuing these remodeling projects.

Different Types of House Renovations

Remodeling projects can be an essential step in making the home not only more attractive to homebuyers but will also add value to the house. 

Homeowners have to put money in to get money out, but the highest return will be received if they pay attention to these specific house renovations.

Real estate agents may help suggest things for a homeowner to fix to increase the home value before putting it on the market. 

The sale price of the home sale will rightfully skyrocket, especially if the homeowner keeps some of these ideas in mind and will help sell a house fast in Arlington.

There are a few different types of house renovations to consider. They are known as basics, curb appeal, the best bang for the buck, and passion projects. 

While it’s not necessary to get all these, homeowners should understand what they are and whether their home could benefit from that type of home improvement. 

Creating a checklist for selling a house will enable homeowners to prepare and ensure their home is ready to be on the market. And if in doubt about how to execute these ideas, homeowners can always lean on a remodeling magazine for inspiration.


Basic house renovations are those that make the house a satisfactory home, meeting the standards set by the national association. 

Does the furnace work properly? Is the AC functioning correctly? Is the roof in good shape? Are there any holes in the walls or broken windows? Does the bathroom tub sometimes leak? 

Basics are, as they say, renovations on basic things that will enable your home to fulfill the standard requirements. Making sure that the home is in good shape and suitable for living without pesky annoyances, like a broken furnace or a leaking roof, before putting the house on the market is essential.

A garage door replacement is another idea if it’s in bad shape; once you start thinking about it, you’ll notice several things to change to help aid that resale value.


Photo of a room in a house being painted to increase its curb-appeal

Curb-appeal pays more attention to the looks inside and outside of the house. Replacing your carpeting and refreshing paint in the homes are a few examples of how to fulfill curb appeal. 

Keeping the outside of your home nice is also important; a well-maintained lawn free of weeds and the absence of overgrowing plants will make the home more attractive to homebuyers. Landscaping is an extremely important ritual for home improvement.

Bang for Buck

Best bang for buck projects are things that cost a bit more than those other renovations but are well worth their return on investment.

One such example is a kitchen remodel- homebuyers aren’t going to be too eager to buy a house with an outdated kitchen, especially because of all the work that it entails. It’s important that your kitchen is appropriately modernized. 

Current homeowners might find that responsibility attractive because it’ll increase the resale value of the home and can be as simple as installing new countertops or creating an accent wall of backsplash tiles, or adding stone veneer in a kitchen or living space. 

Alternatively, homeowners can also pursue a bathroom remodel. A bathroom renovation can help drastically improve the space- make it a two-sink bathroom and add additional storage space.

Best bang for the buck can also include investing in new windows and lights, adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door or other rooms in the house, and a few other miscellaneous tasks you can do to freshen up your home for sale.

An updated, modernized kitchen or a fresh, beautiful new bathroom is one such example of how to entice potential buyers.

Passion Project

The final type of renovation is passion projects, which help make the home stand out in the market. Passion projects are unique amenities such as swimming pools, a hot tub, a game room, and a home theater. 

Even creating a home office or improving the preexisting one can increase the home’s value. Remember that a lot more people are working from home nowadays, so many will be looking for a nice office to work out of.

For these passion projects, homeowners should consider the prices of the homes around them before engaging in any of them because they can be costly and might not be necessary, depending on their respective areas.

Costing House Renovations 

As any homeowner might guess, some of the above renovations are more costly than others. However, some of them can be handled as a DIY project, especially when considering things like painting, getting new lights and light fixtures, etc. 

Even engaging in a minor kitchen remodel by repainting the cabinets or upgrading the door handles in the home are renovations that can be on the cheaper side.

Other things will not be. A full-on kitchen renovation will depend on the current state of the appliances. A homeowner might want to purchase a new dishwasher, oven, microwave, or fridge to make a better first impression on potential buyers.

 Or perhaps they get a granite countertop to replace the wood; in any case, it can be very expensive to update an entirely outdated kitchen.

Another renovation we didn’t discuss earlier was the basement.

If your home has a basement and you decide to finish it before selling, that can be quite costly, depending on how far along the basement currently is. Still, it can be worth it (especially if the workload is small) since it increases usable square footage in living space.

House Renovations You Need to Make

Homeowners can determine the house renovations they need by evaluating the state of their homes. Of course, homeowners will not need to do all these home improvement projects; in some cases, they won’t be able to afford them, and not all of them will even be necessary. 

You can determine where to place your renovating focus following a value report, and you can even lean on your realtor, who can help compare your property to other properties in the neighborhood.

That’s why it’s essential to consider the ones truly necessary to add the most value to your homes. For anything else, the homeowner can attempt a DIY, otherwise known as do-it-yourself.

Renovations That Will Add Value to Your Home

While all of the above renovations are great suggestions for your home, only a few will help add the value that you’re looking for. It’s important to consider the “bang for your buck” renovations- such as minor bathroom remodels or minor kitchen remodels. 

Paying attention to those special spaces can greatly impact the selling of your home because they can take advantage of the living space.

Doing some slight updates to a home can make it more attractive for your potential buyers. However, if you have the means, doing deeper renovations can cause the value of your home to improve, thereby earning and making that money and elbow grease you put into renovating well worth it.


Putting your home on the market can be an exciting and stressful thing all at once. To make it easier to not only sell your home fast but also to increase your home’s value, it’s more than worth it for homeowners to consider some renovations. 

Homeowners can pick and choose from the list above; whether just a minor DIY that brings your home to the next level or a heavier project, these conversions will greatly improve the marketability of your home.

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