15 Fun Things to Do in Fort Worth for All

Downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Dallas and Arlington, where the Cowboys play, often overshadow Fort Worth. This city is still one of the best places to visit in Texas and the whole country. So, if you are flying into DFW, Fort Worth deserves some time from you.

Fort Worth has become a North Texas cultural hub. Fort Worth has fun things for everyone, charms of the American west and southwest, live music, and its cultural district. So, no matter what kind of traveler you are, there is something for you.

You can stroll through Sundance Square, experience the American west and southwest charms, see some live music or go to the cultural district for the museums. 

This city on the Trinity river does not only host the home of Nascar and the famous cowtown or Fort Worth Stockyards. Art galleries, gift shops, hiking trails, and museums abound, meaning Fort Worth can compete with other cities like Austin.

So, if you’re convinced or not convinced yet, keep reading so we can show you fun things to do in Fort Worth.

Cattle Raisers, Cowgirl, and other Museums

Why Fort Worth? Fort Worth has a wealth of fantastic museums, some of which might even earn the title of best museums in the entire state for those who want to see what life as a Texas cowboy is like.

First is the Cattle Raisers museum, which is in the middle of the city’s cultural district in downtown Fort Worth and on the second floor of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. 

Understanding the costs of selling real estate in Fort Worth can help you understand how special the town and its history are. The Cattle Raisers museum is one of these special locations and seeks to preserve the history, artifacts, and stories produced by one of the state’s most crucial industries: the cattle industry.

This museum’s permanent collections contain fantastic artifacts from some of Texas’s most experienced ranchers, such as Joe Russell and Ken Spain, and documents on how ranchers conducted cattle drives.

The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

From the Cattle raising museum, you can proceed to one of the most unique museums in the United States: the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.

Fort Worth is the only city with a museum that commemorates the wild west’s astounding, hardy women. Here you can find writings from Laura Ingalls Wilder, artifacts from Dale Evans, works of art from Georgia O’Keefe, and several more mementos from several fantastic women.

Fort Worth Art Galleries

That is not all Fort Worth has in the way of museums. Just around the corner is the Kimbell Art Museum, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, and the Amon Carter museum of American art, 

And nearby is the small but mighty Sid Richardson Museum.

The Kimbell Art Museum can compete with almost any top-tier art gallery in the rest of the United States. This building hosts a fantastic collection of European and Asian paintings and sculptures, and in no less than a brilliant facade designed by Louis Kahn, the incredible Estonian-American architect.

Traveling exhibits that have passed through have included collections from some of history’s most famous artists and even sculptures from temples in South America, Asia, and Africa.

Meanwhile, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth includes over 3,000 works from after World War II within its walls. 

While the Modern Art museum collection is unique and features some of modern art’s most prominent figures, it is not as special as the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

With a vast collection of indigenous art, this museum presents the authentic spirit of the West in vibrant colors and photographs.

Also part of the Amon Carter is the Sid Richardson Museum, which has an impressive collection of Charles M. Russell works and Frederic Remington sculptures. So, as you can see now, the Fort Worth art scene can contend with many cities.

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A mother and her two children enjoy a day out at the zoo in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fort Worth Nature Center and Green Spaces

But art is not the only thing the city has in its museums. If you want to see how Northern Texas looked before they became Texan cities, head to the Fort Worth Nature Center.

This gorgeous green complex will show you the wild side of Fort Worth and Texas and help you escape the noise of downtown Fort Worth.

But for a closer natural escape in the city, you can walk to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Breathe in air freshened by plants, and walk through pleasing plant arrangements like the rose garden or the Japanese Garden.

This massive Japanese garden uniquely arranges nature, and its koi pond is lovely.

And once you finish embracing the refreshing energy of the botanic garden, swing by the Fort Worth Water Garden to enjoy a peaceful blue space.

If you are not feeling recharged after that, you can escape to the trinity trails in Trinity Park and stroll along the river to clear your mind.

If you have a mind to, you can rent a kayak or paddleboard to exercise and enjoy scenic views of the city from the river.

Fort Worth Vintage Flying Museum, Aviation Museum, and Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

These three museums are for the science geeks among Fort Worth’s visitors, as their permanent collections reveal interesting aspects of Fort Worth’s history, innovations, and aviation history.

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History includes interactive exhibits and an incredible planetarium that can entertain anyone.

On the other hand, the Aviation Museum and the Vintage Flying Museum offer a wide range of planes to explore and explain the state’s long history of aviation innovation in actual air hangars.

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Wild West and Longhorn Culture

It is no secret that Texas is proud of its Longhorn culture and its storied history. There are several sites for those interested in creative things to do in Fort Worth and how Fort Worth came to be, along with its famous Longhorn Culture. 

And if you want to experience the culture along with the city’s nightlife and events, there is no shortage of places for you to go either.

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The Log Cabin Village and Cultural Sights

Europe typically brags about open-air museums, but Fort Worth’s Log Cabin Village means the city can brag about the same thing.

Complete with a schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, and other amenities typical of a frontier village, the Log Cabin Village accurately reflects life on the Texas frontier. Take a guided tour here to learn about how life in Fort Worth changed and came to the point it is now.

Other cultural sights in this city are not to be ignored either. With districts such as the Stockyards National Historic District, Fort Worth has a lot to see. In this historic district, an American treasure, you can witness a true western tradition: the Fort Worth herd. 

Twice a day in the Stockyards, cattle drovers take Texas longhorns out for a cattle drive through the district’s center.

So, not only will you witness a way of life that has marked Texan history and why Fort Worth is called Cowtown, but you will also see how it continues to mark the way of life in this part of the United States. 

And if you want to rush through Fort Worth and see it all quickly while getting some exercise, you can join the Cowtown Cycle Party! Make a reservation and join your group at the appointed time to pedal around and see the city’s history.

Once you’re done here, you can even catch a live concert, play, or other artistic things to do in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth’s Bass Performance Hall puts on world-class performances of Broadway plays and works with the Texas Ballet Theater School to offer the population high and popular culture. Shows that have passed through the performance hall have included Elf the musical, My Fair Lady, and Jesus Christ Superstar. 

On the other hand, the Panther Island Pavilion hosts some of contemporary music’s biggest acts in an incredible outdoor setting.

If more classical settings are your cup of tea, you can even spend your evening at the highly-rated Fort Worth Opera, the oldest performing opera in the state. 

But if you don’t need any of these frills and want to see a movie, Fort Worth also has a perfect spot for you: the Coyote Drive-in.

Pull up in your car and experience the big screen just as many other Americans used to and Texans still do. 


Any conversation about downtown Fort Worth’s nightlife or events must start with Billy Bob’s. Billy Bob’s is the legendary world’s largest Honky Tonk that features live country music and an indoor rodeo with several mechanical bulls.

You can test your bull riding skills here while listening to live music.

Once you’re out of Billy Bob’s, you have two options. You can stick to the Stockyards and the north side to find an abundance of saloons and find some of the best burgers in the country while you are at it.

Or you can get to downtown Fort Worth to find more contemporary bars with live music and enjoy a legendary night out.

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The Fort Worth Zoo and Texas Motor Speedway

Fort Worth still has more highlights, as it is the home of a Nascar racetrack, TCU, and the Cowtown Coliseum.

And first among these other highlights is the Fort Worth Zoo, which tries to promote responsible zookeeping and preserve endangered species.

This zoo hosts over 7,000 animals, and the entry fee goes back to caring for them. So, this zoo will have something interesting for everyone.

And after visiting the zoo, you can bring yourself to the northern part of the city to see a Nascar race at the Texas Motor Speedway.

While this sport may be an acquired taste when watching it on TV, watching it in person brings with it an unmatched atmosphere and experience that is typically Texan.

For another typically Texan sporting experience, you can go to Cowtown Coliseum to witness one of the city’s famous rodeos. But you can also see a country music concert here – even on the same day as a rodeo. 

And for the state’s unofficial religion – football – you have two choices for enjoying a game in Fort Worth: driving to Arlington for the Cowboys or seeing a college football game at TCU.

Not only is this school known for its expanding list of educational programs, but it is known for its competitive football team, the Horned Frogs, whose fans are implacably loyal.


In short, Fort Worth is not to be missed, and all these activities can please everyone. This north Texas city is brimming with culture, life, and interesting things to see, some of which we did not even mention, like the Federal Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

And with places to stay, like the Omni hotel, which is comfortable and affordable, Fort Worth is easy to visit. So, what are you waiting for – get looking for your accommodation and start booking your museum tickets! Don’t miss out on all the fun things to do in Fort Worth!

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