Facts You Need to Know About Houston Texas

What do you look for when choosing where to live? A large city with great diversity? Low cost of living and no state income tax? Good people, good food, and a vibrant, energetic atmosphere? What about opportunities for both professional growth and outstanding recreation, and personal enjoyment? Houston, Texas, checks all these boxes and more.

So if you are considering moving to a new city and asking yourself, “Should I buy my house in Houston?” Let’s look at why this city deserves your consideration. 

Houston Texas Overview

Houston Texas Overview

Houston is the fourth most populous city in the United States and the largest city in the south. Situated in the southeast corner of Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, Houston is a major city full of good people, good food, and immense opportunities. 

The population of greater Houston is nearly 2.5 million people and is growing every day. It is predicted that Houston will be the third-largest city by 2025. Houston itself is 655 square miles large, and when combined with The Woodlands and Sugarland, the metropolitan area stretches an enormous 9,444 square miles. That makes the Houston area larger than the state of New Jersey. 

Fun Facts About Houston That You Never Knew

  1. Houston was founded in 1837 and served as the original capital of the Republic of Texas before it was moved to Austin. It was named after the first president of Texas, Sam Houston. 
  2. Houston’s footprint is large enough to fit all of Boston, New York City, and San Francisco. 
  3. Buffalo Bayou is actually a 52-mile-long river that flows through the heart of Houston.
  4. Citizens of Houston are referred to as Houstonians.
  5. Houston earned the nickname Space City because NASA has a command center located there.
  6. The Houston livestock show and rodeo is the biggest in the world and occurs annually. The Houston Rodeo is not only an excellent opportunity to buy a nice side but a great time to catch a concert by anyone from Chris Stapleton to Los Tucanes de Tijuana or Bun-B’s H-Town takeover. 
  7. The first word spoken from the surface of the moon to NASA was “Houston.”
  8. An underground tunnel system in downtown Houston stretches over six miles and connects more than seven square city blocks. 
  9. Houston is home to more Fortune 500 corporations than any city outside New York. 
  10. The Port of Houston is anchored by the man-made ship channel and is the leading international port globally and second in overall tonnage received daily. 
  11. Houston is the largest city in Texas, ahead of San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth.
  12. Fly into history. The 1940 Air Terminal Museum offers visitors the chance to enter an Art Deco style terminal from back when flying was an occasion to celebrate. 
  13. The first domed stadium was the Houston Astrodome, built-in 1965 and unofficially named the world’s eighth wonder. 
  14. Houston receives an average of 49 inches of rain every year. Seattle, by comparison, receives 37 inches. The humid climate and nearby bayou earned Houston the name bayou city.
  15. The nearby city of Galveston is the oldest city in Texas.
  16. There is a large Vietnamese population in Houston and an area known as Little Saigon is full of restaurants and shopping.

Did You Know This About Houston

Houston is more than just another large city. Check out the interesting facts below that help set Houston apart from other locations in Texas and around the United States. 

Business Is Booming

Houston’s workforce is driven largely by the energy sector, mainly oil and gas. Those areas were hit hard during the pandemic, but they have since begun to bounce back. Close to 70% of the jobs lost during the pandemic have been recovered, and more are on the way. As energy demands increase and supply chains begin to operate closer to expected, employment in Houston will continue to grow. 

On top of the energy industry, Houston has large employment opportunities in education with the University of Houston and the Texas Medical Center. Many bars and restaurants, over 10,000, and growing TX housing market trends all add up to lots of employment potential. 

Everyone Is Welcome

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States, behind only New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Houston has the most diverse population, with more than 145 languages spoken throughout the city. In a city offering such great diversity, it is easy to find community with people like yourself and make friends with people of different backgrounds and celebrate what makes each of us unique. 

An added benefit of diversity is excellent culinary variety. People in Houston eat out more than the average American, and the great selection and quality of restaurants are the main reasons. Combining the lower average cost of living in TX with world-class dining is a recipe for success no matter what your taste buds are craving. 

Houston was also the largest city to elect an openly gay mayor when Annise Parker was elected in 2009. 

World-Class Health Care

Houston’s diversity extends far beyond its restaurants. The Texas Medical Center in Houston is home to the world-leading M.D. Anderson Cancer Hospital. Over 160,000 people visit the medical center every day, and every year over 18,000 international patients travel to Houston to receive treatment at the TMC. 

Texas Children’s Hospital is the third-rated children’s hospital in the country and has been awarded a top ten place to work in Houston by its employees. No matter your age or health issue, you can rest assured that you will be well cared for in Houston. 

More Houston TX Facts

Whether you want to walk through a city park or enjoy one of the numerous performing arts organizations, Houston and its surroundings have you covered. Here are some more reasons why you should contact a Houston broker or cash home buyers in Arlington.


Houston is home to world-class colleges and universities. Rice University in downtown and the Univesity of Houston are the two most well-known universities in the city and are leaders in research and education. The University of Houston is a fast-growing school with an enrollment of over 47,000. 

There are over 315 thousand students of higher education in the city of Houston attending one of the fourteen institutions of higher learning. Houston has a long tradition of research and development, from the schools to the medical center and NASA, and embraces this mindset in the city motto, the city without limits. 

Professional Sports

Houston is home to top-notch, competitive professional sports teams. Major league baseball fans can take in a Houston Astros game at Minute Maid Field, and NFL fans can watch the Houston Texans at Reliant Field. The Houston Rockets play at the Toyota Center in the middle of downtown, and the newest addition to the city, the Houston Dynamo, play at PNC stadium just a few streets away. 

Whichever sport you prefer to watch, you can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities while cheering for the local team. There is nearly always a game to take in and a reason to celebrate with four major sports to choose from. 

world class shopping

World-Class Shopping

The Houston Galleria is the largest shopping center in Texas and is home to three hundred and nineteen stores, two Westin hotels, and a private health club. Shop for anything you could want, and when you need to take a break, head down to the full-sized ice rink for some skating fun. 

Culture and Arts

Houston is also home to great museums, art galleries, and a world-class theater district.

The children’s museum offers kids of all ages an incredible hands-on experience indoors and outdoors. A water exhibit provides great educational fun and the chance to cool off on hot days. There is enough to entertain a family for hours and well worth the price of admission, and this museum has been rated the number one children’s museum in the entire USA. 

The museum district is home to Houston’s Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Zoo, and over fifteen more museums and attractions. Located right near Herrmann Park and near the Medical Center and Rice University, the Houston museum district has something for everyone and enough to entertain the several million people who make their way there every year. 

The Johnson Space Center is open year-round for visitors and offers a great experience for any fans of space exploration. This is a great opportunity to see a real space shuttle or visit mission control.


Texas, and Houston particularly, is an attractive place for anyone looking to relocate. We buy houses in Texas and are able to make the whole process of moving easier. Houston can make anyone feel at home with friendly citizens, a below-average cost of living, and an internationally diverse feel. The city is a great place to be with the added benefits of cutting-edge medical care, challenging and rewarding educational opportunities, and enough entertainment to fill your calendar.

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