Don’t Fix These Things if You’re Selling Your House

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Everybody wants to sell their house for the most amount of money possible—but how can they do this and save money at the same time? Avoid spending unnecessary money on repairs, renovations, and fixes if you don’t have to. You want to get the best profit possible, not spend excess money on repairs that won’t improve the value and aesthetic of your house.

Luckily for you, we can help you! Before you start fixing up a house before selling, it is helpful to learn about what not to fix when selling a house for the most money. 

Understanding the basics of the Arlington real estate market, the real estate trends in Texas, and the basics of selling a house in Arlington can help you make the most money as soon as possible. 

Knowing the Right Repairs to Make

Before you sell a home, knowing the right repairs to make can help you save money and avoid wasted time. As a home seller, understanding the things you should fix before selling a house that needs repairing can help you sell a “fixer-upper” in Arlington without performing and paying for any major repairs. 

Some of the most common home repairs can help a house seller make a profit ASAP to make money in hand. There are a few common repairs that are easy to do if you are a hands-on, DIY person: 

  • Seal the windows and doors – Owners can seal windows and doors with drafting air and leaking water. 
  • Unclog a dishwasher – A dishwasher that is not draining can cause your home to smell and become unhygienic. Homeowners can unclog a dishwasher quickly to remove debris and prevent anything jammed into the pipes. 
  • Secure a floorboard – Homeowners can secure a loose floorboard by using screws and nails to avoid any unsafe walking areas. 
  • Fixing stairs – Homeowners can use glue and prevent wood stairs from rubbing against each other. 
  • Opening a stuck window – Owners can unstick a window if the paint has dried and prevented the window from opening. Owners can ease the window paint from either side by using a craft knife. 
  • Hanging a dropped cabinet door – Owners can re-hang a cabinet door that has fallen, fix a hinge that has split, or screws that have expanded over time. 
  • Polishing furniture – All homeowners can easily polish furniture that has become drab and dreary over time. By using a few basic methods and the correct polishing techniques, owners can have their future looking like new in no time. 

After these easy fixes, contact us—we buy houses Dallas owners need help get sold ASAP! 

Difference Between Minor and Major Repairs

Before you can use cash home buyers Arlington, homeowners need to know the difference between minor and major repairs.

Instead of doing something on your own to save money, you may do more damage than good. In this case, it can be the best move to hire a reputable professional who can do the job for you in half the time—and avoid any issues in the future! 

There are a few ways that homeowners can figure out if their repairs are major, minor, or foundational:

  • Safety issues – Professionals should take care of hazards and safety issues to avoid any damage to a person or the foundation.
  • Minor issues that lead to major defects – Major issues can arise due to minor problems, such as a small leak or hole that can lead to broken roof panels or flashing. 
  • Major defects – Structural issues and major defects can cause structural failure, leading to a lack of safety in the home. 

In this case, homeowners need to analyze their house and see what repairs are required. You want to still be able to make money when selling a house in poor condition. If the homeowner is not aware of what type of repairs are needed, they should hire a professional to come and perform an inspection and analyze the house. 

Most sellers are surprised to learn of most defects and structural issues during a professional inspection. This means that homeowners must do their due diligence to keep their houses as safe as possible. 

The majority of major home repairs and defects will require professional analysis, inspection, and expertise. Most areas in the Arlington area require extra home permits for homeowners to bring significant renovations, repairs, or structural changes. These permits allow homeowners to use professionals to conduct electrical work, rewiring, roofing, architecture, and HVAC. 

The minor repairs homeowners can usually do on their own include smaller issues that require minimal knowledge and only basic instruments or tools. However, homeowners must consider that if they don’t fix the problem correctly, it can lead to additional damage, more concerns, or major structural defects. 

Some major home repairs requiring a professional include roof replacement, foundational issues, plumbing concerns, re-wiring issues, mechanical failure, and sewer line problems. 

Most minor home repairs cost less than $500 per fix. They typically include aesthetic or minor problem fixes, like unclogging a shower head, cleaning gutters, renovating a toilet, regrading foundation, and caulking around showers. Instead of selling a house as is, perform these repairs to boost the value of your home. 

Are Cosmetic Repairs Worthwhile?

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Cosmetic repairs can help increase the aesthetic and value of your home. If you are considering whether you should pay for a renovation, the total amount of money you should spend, or what needs to be done, cosmetic repairs are typically helpful when listing your house for more money. 

Furthermore, if you plan to stay in your home for a more extended period, then investing in the necessary upgrades or renovations can help you increase the value of your house and feel better about where you are living. However, if you plan to sell your house or put it on the market immediately, you should focus on only finding the necessary issues.

Some of the main areas to look at when it comes to repairs include:

  • Kitchen – The average payoff of a kitchen remodel will help a home sell for more money than a renovation. A kitchen remodel typically helps the return on investment upwards of 54%, with repairing the countertops and kitchen cabinets helps the overall price.
  • Bathroom – The second room you need to renovate to help increase the home sale price is the bathroom. Large bathroom projects can sometimes lose money in the long run, whereas more minor repairs, like adding a new bath, light switch, or sink faucet, can help a homeowner have a higher return on investment of around 64%. 
  • Home addition – Adding a new addition to a home can help provide a 50% return on investment, but it depends on where it is included. 
  • Refinished basement – The last repair homeowners should consider when it comes to functional and cosmetic renovations is refinishing the basement area. Transforming an unusable basement into a space with hardwood floors will help increase the house’s resale value.

Things Not To Fix When Selling a House

Are you looking to sell a house fast in Texas? We can help you understand what not to fix when selling a house. 

However, despite kitchen, bathroom, home addition, and basement being critical fixes that can help increase the value of your home, there are certain things that you should not fix when selling a house. 

  • Minor cosmetic flaws – Sometimes, you don’t heed to fix any minor cosmetic issues or flaws before selling a house. If something does not add value or is not on the priority list, it can waste time and money. Since everyday issues and wear and tear are expected for a house, homeowners should just skip it.
  • Electrical wiring issues – The next thing to avoid when selling a house is minor electrical issues. If there are outdated wiring services or loose outlet plugs, these are not drastic enough to fix before selling a home. 
  • Cracks in the driveway – Your driveway has been used daily with your vehicles for many years. Therefore, hairline cracks in the driveway or walkway in front of your home are normal and not worth the hassle. 
  • Room upgrades – If there is not enough money in your budget or time to finish a remodel, skip it. The last thing you want to do is get halfway done before trying to sell a house. Forget a partial remodel—either do the entire thing or leave it entirely.
  • Old appliances – New home buyers can easily replace old appliances with modern stainless steel kitchen appliances or energy-efficient appliances. Therefore, don’t worry about repairing any old equipment or light fixtures unless they are broken, worn-down, or dangerous. 


Knowing what not to fix when selling a house is crucial. Homeowners should work with a reputable real estate agent to find out how to boost the curb appeal and their home’s value before putting it on the market. 

After a home inspection, the homeowner can go through with a comprehensive home improvement plan to help entice prospective buyers, add new appliances, and increase the asking price of their house.

Since the first impression is everything, homeowners need to get rid of a deal breaker that can reduce the value of a home. The bottom line is that owners can improve their sale price by taking care of necessary landscaping, working with a realtor, and speaking with potential buyers.

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