The Best Time To Sell A House In Watauga

When Is The Best Time To Sell A House In Watauga?

One of the first things that house sellers should ask themselves before putting up their property for sale is is it a good time to sell a home. The real estate market may be dynamic but it does have a number of indicators that show if now is the best time to sell a house. If you don’t have much experience selling homes and this is your first time saying goodbye to your house, it’s worth digging deeper into home sales and research when is the best time to sell a house. 

The Best Time To Sell A House In Watauga

We’ll help by providing a few tips for first time home sellers by explaining why a certain time is good for selling a home while another time period may not be ideal. In this article, we’ll help you prepare by exploring the best time to sell a house in Watauga. We’ll look into the Texas real estate market to discover what makes the best season to sell a house in Watauga. We’ll also explore the worst times to sell a house, which could certainly help you avoid making a mistake on the sellers’ market. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on when the best time to sell your house in Watauga is. You won’t be surprised by any market trends that you weren’t aware of before listing your home for sale.

The Watauga TX Real Estate Market

In order to establish good and bad months or seasons for selling a house in an area, it’s essential to research its real estate market. The Watauga TX real estate market is quite competitive and lucrative for home sellers. The average price of a house sale in Watauga is $225,000, showing nearly 10% growth from the past year. In terms of the average sale price per square foot, the current price in Watauga is $154, showing another increase of 8.1% since 2021.

As a comparison, the average home price in Watauga in 2018 was $175,000. The average time houses take to sell in the area are 19 days. On the other hand, hot homes or attractive listings could sell for around 3% more than the list price and go pending in about 11 days. 

The cost of living in Watauga is 93% or 7% lower than the national average but is 2% higher than the Texas average. When it comes to housing, the area’s housing prices are around 19% lower when compared to the national average, which turns Watauga into an affordable place to invest in. When selling a house, it’s also worth considering the fees and costs of selling a house in Watauga. Although the national average for real estate agent commission rate is 5.8%, this may vary from state to state.  

When you start planning for selling your home, it’s also advisable to do some research on the cost of repairs in the area. Although you may be able to find a buyer that’s interested in purchasing your home as-is, you may need to set aside some money for renovations if you want to increase your asking price and get a higher return. In Texas, if you are interested in remodelling your house, the cost could range somewhere from $25,000 to $45,000. 

Watauga, Texas is also an attractive area for families with kids. There is a range of high-quality elementary, middle, and high schools. Just like a lot of other US cities, the area is rated car-dependent, meaning that you will need a car to get around comfortably. There is some but limited amount of infrastructure for biking. However, one could not entirely depend on this means of travel. 

Best Season of the Year to Sell a House in Watauga

If you’re wondering about the best season of the year to sell a house in Watauga, research uncovers that it’s from autumn to the end of winter. This is in contrast with what is considered the best season to sell a house in other areas. The common belief is that spring and summer are the ideal seasons for selling property due to the good weather and other factors. For example, as school starts in autumn, most people prefer to have the security and comfort that the family is settled down before the little ones start school. Additionally, the days are longer during this period, making it easier to arrange viewings with potential buyers. The more traffic and interest that your listing receives, the higher chance you have of selling.

Don’t forget that just because a potential buyer has liked your house for sale and is ready to make a purchase, there may still be some additional delays to closing. Delays could be related to mortgage approvals and other documentation. Ideally, it’s best to arrange a loan before you start your search for a home. However, not all buyers follow this method.

Worst Season of the Year to Sell a House in Watauga

Contrary to expectations by real estate agents, the worst season of the year to sell a house in Watauga is spring to summer. Research from other areas suggests that fall and winter are, in fact, the worst seasons to sell a house. However, if we take into consideration that the average time necessary for closing a sale is 3 months, if your Watauga home for sale was listed in January or February, it will sell at the beginning of spring. 

On average, winter is considered the worst season for selling a home. Homebuying activity significantly drops during this time period. Usually, the drop starts in September. It’s assumed that most families will have found a home by the start of the school year. Winter is also considered a busy holiday season, causing homebuying to become a lower priority. The last month of the year is also associated with a lot of traveling for the holidays and a number of other holiday events. 

Similarly to the reasons for the best season of the year to sell, weather plays its part too. With shorter days, tougher climate, and less motivation from buyers and sellers alike, this season brings along less foot traffic for home sellers. 

Best Times of the Year to Sell Houses in Watauga

When it comes to the best time of the year to sell a house in Watauga, data shows that the most preferable times are between October and March. If you’ve been asking yourself the question of how can I sell my house fast in Watauga, the answer can be found in the research conducted on the Texas real estate market. According to data, May is the best time to close on your property sale in Watauga. 

Sell My House Fast in Watauga

If we assume that it takes around 3 months from a listing to become a closed sale, if you list your property in Watauga in February, it is likely that you will end up selling 8 days sooner than if you put up your property for sale during any other month of the year. If you plan your sale according to the best time of the year, you can take advantage and find the answers to the question of how to sell your house for cash

Worst Times of the Year to Sell Houses in Watauga

In terms of the worst time of the year to sell a house in Watauga, these are April to September. And if you’re looking to sell your home fast, January is the worst month. In fact, the closure can be delayed by 13 days during that month. The first month of the year certainly doesn’t look like a great time to sell in Watauga and we’ll notice that later on in this article. This is not a suitable time for you to consider a cash offer for your house and try to sell fast as it’s the worst time of the year. 

Best Month of the Year to Sell Houses in Watauga

If you have access to information about previous sales in a given area, it’s easy to establish the best and worst month of the year to sell a house. When it comes to the best month of the year to sell houses in Watauga, data shows that the strongest month for home sales in December. The best month of the year to sell a house in TX is the month that allows you to sell the property for the highest selling price. 

Considering that about 3 months are necessary to close on your property if you put your home up for sale in September, it is likely that you will be able to sell it in December for nearly 5% more than the yearly average. 

Worst Month of the Year to Sell Houses in Watauga

On the other hand, there are also months where you certainly don’t want to sell your property. The worst month of the year to sell houses in Watauga is January. During the first month of the year, homes sell for 7.13% less than the yearly average. This means that even if you find potential buyers for your property, you may end up closing a deal that’s not fair and getting a lower amount for your hose. 

January is also a month that is usually associated with people making fewer expenses as a result of the holiday season the month before and a lot of travelling to spend the festive days with family and friends. 


If you want to ensure a smooth home sale process and if you’re looking to sell your house fast and for a good price, knowing the best and worst times of the year for selling a home in Watauga is a must. Having this information will prevent you from selling at a time when home buyers are not as active or during a season that is popular for its low house prices. Just like any other activity, entering prepared will give you a higher chance of enjoying maximum results in the end. 

We hope that the information provided in this article will be useful when you decide to sell your home in Watauga, Texas. If you’re interested to find out more on the topic, check out our case study.

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