When Is The Best Time To Sell A House In Fort Worth?

Are you trying to sell a house in Fort Worth, Texas? The most important question you might be asking is about the best time to go about it. Should you work with a real estate agent or work directly with a cash buyer to sell your house fast? How much should you put into repairs or cleaning in order to make your Fort Worth house more attractive to market buyers? How much should you spend on marketing costs, such as open houses, staging, professional photography, and signage? Do I want to sell my Fort Worth house fast and get cash for it or am I willing to risk it by listing and then paying a real estate agent commission fee?

One of the most important questions to be answered is “when is the best time to sell a house in Fort Worth?” Plenty of people will give you their own answers based on experiences and anecdotal evidence. But it’s critical to understand that while there are some smart ways to decide when to sell, every house has different factors that can make different times better than others. What might have worked three or four years ago might not be the best foot forward now. It’s important that you set yourself up for success if you plan to sell your Fort Worth house on the market. While you can ensure a fast sale by selling directly to a cash buyer like Four 19 Properties, we also want to make sure you have all the information so you can make the right decision for you. Here’s a handy guide to determine what is the best time to sell a house in Fort Worth, Texas.

Know When It’s Best To Sell A House

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Understand the Conventional Wisdom

If you want to know the best time to sell your Fort Worth house in other to get a quick sale, there’s plenty of data out there to make sense of. While plenty of people will point our specific months or even weeks to consider, the generally accepted rule is that spring and summer are the best times to list your Texas house. Specifically, you’ll hear a lot of people tell you that April and May are the most ideal times to sell your Fort Worth house because the weather brings buyers out, the school year is coming to a close, and the vibrant spring colors tend to make homes and neighborhoods look their best. 

Here in Texas, many others will tell you that June is actually the best month to list a house. For instance, Clever.com reports that listing your Texas house in June gives you a five percent bump over the average selling price. They also said the best months to sell your house quickly on the market are May and June. During those months, the median number of days spent on the market is 12 days less than the yearly average. 

Another recent study claims that homes listed in May and early June will fetch you the highest price of the year. They also happen to say that listing on a Sunday is your best bet as Fort Worth area homes listed on that day get the most first-week views. They also note that traffic falls quickly for homes listed on the market at this time as there’s always more exciting homes replacing them at the top of the list each week. 

Trust Data But Listen to Experts

Statistics and data provide a strong picture of what the Fort Worth real estate market looks like but it’s important to consider that this data is always painting a picture of the “average” home. Your home may not be the average home. It likely has lots of unique features or involves a repair or financial situation that the data can’t account for. So while the data points you in the right direction, you shouldn’t just do exactly what it tells you to do without doing some inventory of your own. 

It’s also important to remember that real estate trends can change on a dime. What works in Dallas might not work in Fort Worth and what worked in Fort Worth last year might not work this year. As we’ve seen recently, unforeseen events can have a seismic effect on the real estate market and economy, and that’s going to skew the data and force you to rethink your strategy. Ultimately, you’ll want to speak with local experts like Four 19 Properties or real estate agents who have a lot of experience in order to get their perspective and knowledge. 

Consider Your Own Timing

There’s what the real estate market says and then there’s what you and your family need. If you have children, listing your house in the spring can make sense as it gives you the summer to find a new house and get your kids settled before the next school year. It also helps you to prevent mid-year school changes, which can be a negative experience. 

But you might also have other factors in your life that impact when you list or sell your Fort Worth house. You might have a new job or have lost your job. You might be dealing with a major lifestyle change, like divorce or consolidation. You could be struck with sudden financial concerns or inherit a new property. Whatever the situation, it’s going to have a unique impact on when you decide to sell. You want to work with someone who can be as flexible as you need to be, like Four 19 Properties. 

Keep in mind that it usually takes 30 to 60 days from the moment the contract is signed to the closing date, so if you’re trying to sell your house and buy a new one within a specific timeframe, such as the summer, you’ll want to sell your Fort Worth house accordingly. Either hope for the best and list it early or sell your house as-is for cash and be done with it in a matter of days. 

Keep an Eye on the Local Economy

If you’re trying to find the right time to sell your Fort Worth house, a factor that you might not have considered is how the local economy is performing. Are there big companies opening up offices or warehouses in town? That could mean more jobs, which mores more people with higher income, which means more people looking for a new house to buy in Fort Worth. If Amazon, Wal-Mart, or Facebook decide to open up close to your house, interest in the property is likely to skyrocket. So you don’t need to wait for the spring. If the iron is hot, consider striking. 

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Sell Your Fort Worth House As-Is

Even though it might sound easy, figuring out the perfect time to sell your house can still be a nightmare. You can do everything the data tells you to do and still end up with a Fort Worth house you can’t sell. And each month that your house stays on the market means more costs to you, not to mention the eventual real estate commission fees you’ll have to pay when it does sell. 

If you really want to sell your Fort Worth house fast any time of the year, consider selling your house as-is to a real estate investor like Four 19 Properties. We’ll buy your Fort Worth house as-is, which means you don’t have to spend a moment making repairs or paying for extensive cleaning. We’ll buy your house if there’s major damage, disrepair, or financial concern. We’ll make you a fair offer within days of you making contact, often within 24 hours. And if you agree, we’ll close on your schedule. And we’ll also give you cash for your house right away. There are no middlemen to wait for, so no banks or real estate agents to slow down the process. 

Contact us today for your no-obligation offer and get cash for your Fort Worth house whenever you want to sell.

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