The Prayer to St Joseph to Sell Your House

According to tradition, burying a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard will help you sell your house fast.

Are you one of many Texas homeowners struggling with your real estate sale? Are you having trouble finding home buyers in Texas? If the home sale isn’t going your way, you may want to pursue a Catholic tradition and recite a prayer to St. Joseph to sell house properties.

You will also need to bury a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard to sell your house fast. Further, you can also consider saying the novena prayer. The St Joseph novena is a powerful prayer you recite for nine days. Doing so may help you gain a cash offer or find home buyers more quickly.

People from the Catholic faith believe that Saint Joseph is the patron saint of real estate sales. The St. Joseph prayer and burying the Saint Joseph statue may help home sellers. Plenty of testimonials support the findings for successful home sales. 

Along with burying the statue, you may benefit from reciting the prayer to St. Joseph to sell houses. Read the guide below to learn more about the St Joseph prayer to sell a house. 

The Prayer to Sell a House

You can follow numerous prayers when you recite the St. Joseph prayer including a few words set aside for Jesus Christ. When you follow the ritual set aside to sell your home, it is believed that God and Saint Joseph, the husband of Mary, can help you find a buyer quickly. 

You might even find a religious real estate agent reciting the prayer to the patron saint when putting a home for sale. You will first need to acquire a statue of Saint Joseph that is anywhere from 3 to 8 inches in length. 

You can even buy a Saint Joseph Statue Kit on Amazon. Ask any realtor and you’ll learn that you should bury the statue about three feet away from the For Sale sign. Some believe you should bury it face-down while others prefer face-up toward the heavens and heavenly father.

At that point, you’ll need to come up with ideas for the prayer. You can start with “O, Saint Joseph.”  You can mention the importance of Saint Joseph’s fatherhood to child Jesus and how his carpenter’s trade influenced his impact on home sales.

You’ll need to pray for a quick home-selling process and ask the patron saint to bring you an honest, good buyer. Your Saint Joseph’s prayer should conclude with an “Amen.” 

Also, you can recite a novena prayer for nine days. On the first day, you’ll need to pray to God almighty. The second and third days involve a prayer toward Saint Joseph and God. On the fourth day, you’ll need to pray for your family’s blessing.

By the fifth and sixth days, you’ll need to pray for blessings for your children and home. The seventh day includes a prayer for fathers. The eighth day focuses on praying for shelter and food. On the ninth day, the prayer centers on blessing the poor, the homeless, and families in need.

Along with the prayer, you’ll also need to follow the ritual of burying the St. Joseph statue.

According to tradition, burying a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard will help you sell your house fast.

Where To Bury St. Joseph

The burial process of the St. Joseph statue is rather complex. First, you will need to buy a kit or a statue that’s relatively small in size. Pick a statue that’s about four inches in height. The kits often include a prayer card and general instructions for the burial.

The next step involves wrapping the statue in a blanket or washcloth. You can also wrap the statue in a plastic bag instead. Wrap the statue to ensure it does not get contaminated with dirt. That will show a level of respect for Saint Joseph.

The next step is to dig a hole. Ensure the hole is large enough to fit the statue. Now, put the cloth-covered statue into the hole and bury it with the dirt around it. You’ll want to pick an area in the front lawn when digging a hole. It’s a popular practice to bury the statue near the “For Sale” sign in the front yard.

You can place the statue upside down in the ground, or place it on its back to face the sky. Also, you can have it face toward the home. Other practices insist on having the statue face toward the road, as an indication of moving away from the house. 

Those who reside in an apartment-style complex or condominium may not have a front yard to bury the statue in. If you’re in that situation, you can consider burying the Saint Joseph statue in a flowerpot. You will still need to wrap the statue in a protective cloth. Once you’ve put it in a large flower pot, place the container on your deck, balcony, or even a windowsill.

If you have nowhere to bury the statue, you can still keep it in a place of honor in the home to help sell your residence. 

The next step involves saying your chosen prayer every day until your home sells. Once you’ve sold your home, you will need to dig up the Saint Joseph statue. So, sign those purchase and sales agreements. 

Next, remove the statue from the ground and take off the protective cloth. Also, clean any dirt off the statue. You can then give a prayer of thanks to Saint Joseph for the successful home sale. Lastly, bring the statue with you to your new home and put it up in a place of honor. Displaying it on a windowsill or a mantel should work well.

The St. Joseph Prayer

The details behind the St. Joseph prayer and its success relate to both a historical background and testimonies from many homeowners. Catholic people selling a home in Texas will surely turn to prayer, as the state is part of the Bible belt.

Saint Joseph is both the husband of the Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus Christ. Further, St. Joseph is considered the patron saint of real estate as well as workers, families, and husbands. The story behind praying to Saint Joseph when struggling with a real estate transaction comes from a group of nuns in the 1500s.

These nuns had trouble buying the property they needed. They asked Saint Joseph for help and buried a statue of the saint near the plot of land they wanted. Then, they prayed to Saint Joseph and God to help. Shortly thereafter, the nuns obtained the property they desired. 

You can also find numerous testimonies online of home sellers explaining how burying the statue and saying a prayer led to a quick home sale. Once you’ve buried the statue, you can pick a common prayer or follow the novena prayer for nine days. One example of the standard Saint Joseph prayer is:

“O, Saint Joseph, you who taught our Lord the carpenter’s trade, and saw to it that he was always properly housed, hear my earnest plea. I wish to sell this house quickly, easily, and profitably, and I implore you to grant my wish by bringing me a good buyer, one who is eager, compliant, and honest. Amen.”

Along with saying a prayer to Saint Joseph, we can provide you with other tips to sell your house fast. For instance, you should paint the walls, complete minor repairs, and stage your furniture to attract more buyers. Also, you can improve your home’s curb appeal by adding a few flowers and bushes to your front yard. 

You will also need to price your home at the right market value. Ask your realtor to help you determine the right asking price. If you’re still struggling to find a buyer, you can offer to cover some of the buyer’s closing costs to entice more offers. Use social media, Zillow, and other marketing tools to seek out the perfect buyer for your home.

You’ll also want to follow a checklist for selling a house. One of the first steps is to hire a professional home appraiser to determine the value of your home. Then, you’ll need to pick a local real estate agent to help with the sale. 

Before you list your home on the market, you can undergo a home inspection and complete repairs or renovations. Work with your realtor to start home showings and find a buyer. 


To help you quickly complete a home sale, you can try burying a statue of St. Joseph in the front yard. Then, you’ll need to recite a prayer to dear Saint Joseph, dig up the statue after selling the residence, and put the statue in a place of honor in your new home.

Many home sellers have found the prayer to St. Joseph to sell houses has helped them find buyers more quickly. Yet, you can also sell a house fast in Fort Worth if you work with cash home buyers in Texas. Luckily, we buy houses Arlington residents absolutely love! Call us today, and we’ll make you a good offer. 

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