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How To Sell A House By Owner In Fort Worth

You’re planning to sell your house and start looking into different options like hiring an agent or selling it by owner. Realizing how expensive hiring an agent will be, you are inspired to sell your Fort Worth home by owner. And you’re probably thinking selling by owner can’t be all that hard right? Plus you … Continued

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Taxes On The Sale Of A Texas Home: What Homeowners Should Know

Selling a house in Texas involves many steps and things to consider especially taxes. In general, taxes seem confusing, and if you didn’t already know, Texas does tax capital gains and property. But the good news is, there is no state income tax in Texas, making it an attractive place to sell your home. Besides … Continued

Who can buy my home with cash in Fort Worth Texas?

Selling a home in this tough economy is no walk in the park. If you are facing a foreclosure, then chances are you are grappling with the question, “who can buy my home with cash in Fort Worth?” Well, fret not! There are several options that you can explore when putting your home up for … Continued

Who are the cash house buyers in Fort Worth Texas?

You’ve seen the “we buy houses in Fort Worth” and “cash for houses” signs all around town when you’re driving around… even in other cities across TX… so who are these cash house buyers in Fort Worth Texas?  Are they legit? How does it work?  Who should I trust? We’ll dive into these questions here … Continued