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house in Texas for sale

Sell Your House Using a Realtor or to a Cash Home Buyer

In May 2020, total Texas housing sales grew by 2%. These sales continued to grow and peaked in the last few months of 2020. The increased demand for housing in Texas has resulted from the influx of people relocating to the state.  This demand has fuelled an increase in home sales and produced a seller’s … Continued

Alternative Ways to Sell a House in Texas

Alternative Ways to Sell a House in Texas

It is not easy to sell a house these days. The market has been fast for some but slow for others, and there are many reasons why you may be having a hard time selling your home. This article will discuss the current real estate trends in Texas, alternative ways to sell your home in … Continued

house for sale to a cash home buyer

Why Home Sellers Prefer Cash Buyers in Texas

If you have recently sold a house or know how the process goes, you probably know that this is not a walk in the park. Many time- and money-consuming processes are involved, from getting the house ready for sale, landing a potential buyer, and completing the home buying process. This explains why the National Association … Continued

house in Texas with Unpermitted work for sale

Selling a House with Unpermitted Work in Texas

Selling a house is one of life’s most stressful moments. In addition to relocating, you have to prep the house, find a realtor, and deal with appraisals and inspections. Things get a lot more complicated if your home has unpermitted work.  Texas is very strict about building permits, and this could land you in problems … Continued

flooded houses - selling a house in a floodplain

Selling a House in a Floodplain

Flooding is quite common throughout the USA, specifically in Texas though, flooding is a regular occurrence. Whether you live in Fort Worth, Granbury, or DFW, there is a risk of flooding in all of these locations, not just in Houston by the Gulf.  As a homeowner, you might have known the risks of buying in … Continued

Homeowner Selling a House Online in Texas

Advice for Selling House Online in Texas

Selling a house has never been a walk in the park. There are many processes involved that make it tricky for the seller, especially if you are trying to make a sale within a short time.  To help ease the process, most home sellers evade the traditional ways of selling the house and looking for … Continued

foundation damage on a house

Selling a House with Foundation Problems in Texas

Whether the reason for selling your house is because of a concern with your foundation or you were hoping to relocate and noticed the issues while getting your home prepared to list — suspecting there is something wrong with your home’s foundation is a very uneasy feeling.  Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for Texas homes to … Continued

Home Selling Costs to Avoid in Texas

Home Selling Costs to Avoid in Texas

Do you have a home in Texas that you’re thinking about selling the traditional way? If so, be ready for some significant costs. You need to learn about some of the typical costs when selling a home in Texas, as well as ways you can avoid or reduce these costs and save money. Let’s talk … Continued

Can You Sell a House with a Failed Septic System

Can You Sell a House with a Failed Septic System

Selling a house can be a complicated and expensive process. You have a lot to do to ensure that your house appeals to potential buyers. Unfortunately, during this time, when you are rushing to make sure that everything is fine, you may notice stagnant water or awful odors near your tank, which is a sign … Continued

Selling Your House As Is in Arlington, TX

Tips And Advice for Selling a House As-Is in Arlington TX

Can I sell my house as-is? Sell my house fast in Dallas? That’s a loaded question because “as is” can mean different things. After all, it depends on how much work your house needs. It could need minor repairs or be a complete disaster.  There are pros and cons to selling a home as-is. You … Continued

What is a probate house

Your Guide to Selling a Property in Probate

The death of a family member can be devastating. Dealing with the loss might be difficult, but you have to move on with life. If you’re a beneficiary of the decedent’s will, you have to prepare for the probate process. A common question that often pops up is, can you sell a property without probate? … Continued

sell house on Texas to a cash home buyer

Selling A House with Tenants Attached

So you’ve made up your mind to sell your rental property? Perhaps you want to switch investment gears or want cold, hard cash to solve some problem. Whatever the reason for selling your house, the best part is that your decision is valid. You should never be afraid of selling your property, especially if it … Continued

Avoiding Foreclosure in Fort Worth, TX

Avoiding Foreclosure in Fort Worth, TX

House foreclosure in Fort Worth, TX, is commonplace but avoidable. The fear that comes with potentially losing your home because of late mortgage payments can be overwhelming. With the current downturn in the US economy, your expenses can quickly overshadow your income. With many family expenses to handle, defaulting on your mortgage payment is possible … Continued

Sell Your House Online in Texas

How To Sell Your House Online in Texas in 2021

If you don’t know what you’re doing, selling your house online is one of the most dangerous endeavors you can undertake. Now you’re probably wondering, “How can I sell my house fast in Texas?” Here’s how: You can sell your house online quickly with the correct information and avoid the stress of holding open-house offers … Continued

Selling a House in 5 Days Flat in Texas

Your Full Guide to Selling a House in 5 Days Flat in Texas

Some houses can sit on the market for months or even years before selling. As time progresses and the house still doesn’t sell, it becomes more challenging and stressful. Instead of dealing with the stress of selling a house through the traditional Texas real estate market, you can follow this full guide about how to … Continued